New generation «Gazelle NN» already reality


Shown by last fall in Moscow at the exhibition Comtrans-2019 the prototype of the new generation «Gazelle NN» residents of Nizhny Novgorod saw on the streets of the city. As usual in such cases, random passerby became autoparapazzi.

Recall, the premiere of the prototype «Gazelle NN» was held at the COMTRANS-2019 exhibition.

The model of a new commercial car was attached to the abbreviation in the name NN in honor of Nizhny Novgorod, as they explained the government representatives. True, there is another option — New Next to separate from the current family Next.

Then Gaza representatives said that

The promising model of «Gazelle» was noticed without any camouflage and even without a camouflage film on the street in Nizhny Novgorod. As can be seen, the pictures present a prototype of a all-metal cargo-passenger van.

The following is known about the new model. In the engine compartment of «Gazelles NN» will be located Turbodiesel Volkswagen 2.0 EA189 series, gasoline Ulyanovsky Umz-Evotech and Chinese Huadong Turbodiesel (Cummins). German engine gives 136 hp and 340 nm of torque, the maximum speed is limited to 130 km / h. The motor works in a ligament with a six-speed «Gazovskaya» mechanical transmission with a cable drive (management «Joystick»). According to the boxes, the question is studied with the «automatic», they do not exclude the emergence of his own «robot».

It is planned to various types of van bodies, including short and long, the body height will also be different. It is provided for the creation of cars with an increased road lumen, with a wheel formula 4×4, with a single-sided Oshinovka, with the rear axle of increased load capacity with a reinforced frame and disk brakes on all wheels and others.

The exterior of the new generation of Gazelle is purely visually be considered already in the pictures. The main distinguishing feature of the car is the enabling front part — a more embossed hood, a different shape of the wings, an updated grill of the radiator with a chrome-plated molding, a laminated large head optics, an enlarged bumper.

According to production plans, the start of mass production «Gazelle NN» is scheduled for the end of 2020. But the car will come to dealers only at the beginning of 2021. It is also reported that the new generation of «Gazelles NN» will be more expensive than the current model of the Gazelle NEXT by about 100 thousand rubles, while both models will be released in parallel. But whether the «Gazelle Business» resigns is still unknown.