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Gorky Automobile Plant will begin a greater modernization of production lines for the release of an interesting novelty

It is no secret that the overwhelming share of passenger traffic is not only in small towns, but also in large centers, buses take a particularly small capacity that received the name of the minibus. After access to the transportation process was opened by a private initiative, and the routes of passenger transport began to have a declarative nature, there was a tremendous need for such a rolling stock. So there were so-called bodybuilders, the production of minibuses on the basis of all-metal vans. Domestic body-building builders began to use as a basis for future minibuses such models like Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Renault Master, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Citroen Jumper, etc. However, after the start of production of the NEXT Gazelles, their eyes turned to the domestic chassis.

However, the Specialists of the Gorky Automobile Plant independently created a frame mini-bus, and produced it on their own facilities. However, the need for such a passenger technology is so high that anyway, body-building builders use the domestic basis for the release of minibuses. In turn, Nizhny Novgorod motorwooters continue to work in the field of passenger engineering.

The new minibus Gazel-City has shown on a number of exhibitions in 2019 caused great interest among domestic carriers. In fact, experts and constructors of the automobile plant created a new type of rolling stock. They designed and implemented the original frame for passenger gazelle — with the underlying central part. Such a solution allowed the central part of the minibus to organize a low flooring platform. It turned out a spacious accumulative platform, where they can accommodate both a wheelchair and baby carriages.

It will be convenient for standing passengers, especially high growth. But the main beneficiaries, still private carriers. Explain. First, acquiring such a rolling stock, they can participate in contests with transport accessible to small citizens, and passengers with children’s wheelchairs. But the most important for carriers is that such a cumulative platform allows to significantly increase the passenger capacity of the vehicle.

If you look at the existing state of affairs in urban transport, you can stating the fact that instead of the allowed three-four passengers standing in the cabin in the peak hours, their number is not regulated by the driver. The salon is filled with «under the string». This is a violation, but most often the carrier is not punished for it. Therefore, the appearance of minibuses with a large accumulative low-voltage platform will significantly increase the capacity of the vehicle. How much? Judging by the photos more than a dozen additional passengers.

Now that’s what. After the New Year holidays, the Gorky Automobile Plant will begin a greater upgrade of production lines. The modernization of the conveyor is needed to begin the release of a low-profil minibus «Gazelle City», which will be the main Gas novelty of 2020. Also during the New Year holidays, work will be carried out on the preparation of the assembly conveyor to the release of new modifications of medium-room trucks.