New Chevrolet will be released in Uzbekistan.


The fast-growing auto industry of this Central Asian republic is still represented by CEVROLET and RAVON models.

Nevertheless, the range of cars produced continues to expand. Recently, in the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent, the American automaker has presented four new models of the SUV class SUV brand of Chevrolet for the Uzbek market.


All four models will stand on the conveyor of the Uzauto Motors plant. This company is known as GM Uzbekistan. But today General Motors does not have a stake in it. Recently, 25% of the SP Uzbek partners remained from the American concern. But the technical cooperation between the American automaker and the Uzbek motorwriter has been preserved.

It is also worth noting that prices for new items are not yet indicated. On the official website of the company, information about them has not yet appeared, although TrailBlazer, as local media reported, has already arrived on sale. However, you can not doubt, cars do not belong to affordable. Recall that the price of Chevrolet Tahoe begins in Russia from 3,690 thousand rubles, and Traverse — from 2,990 thousand. It is obvious that in Uzbekistan, the demand for such expensive cars will be minimal. Therefore, experts of the automotive market make an assumption that the entire production cycle of the release of large SUVs is asked for the sake of the Russian market. Thus, the ultimate goal of Chevrolet is the withdrawal of cars to the Russian market. It is only unknown, they will be sold under their brand with a golden cross on the radiator, or under the Ravon brand. Recall that the SPARK hatchback and the sedans are Aveo, Cobalt and Lacetti are sold in the Russian Federation under the new Korean Ravon brand. Although such large crossovers for the purposes of the image are still more expedient to sell under a well-known American name.

As part of cooperation with GM, the Uzbek enterprise will be mastered by the release of the dorestayling version of Chevrolet Tahoe with a 7- or 8-seater body 5.2 meters long. The car is equipped with a motor V8 Ecotec with a volume of 6.2 liters, which develops the power of 426 hp, is aggregated with the 8-speed transmission of Hydra-Matic. The Chevrolet Traverse crossover is equally spacious, equipped with a 318-strong 3.6 liter engine and a 6-speed «automatic». The TrailBlazer has the same in volume the unit gives returns to 275 hp The only front-wheel drive car in this row is Chevrolet Equinox (on the photo at the top).

Uzauto Motors manufactures localized cars (more than 50%), therefore, within the CIS, has large tax breaks and preferences from Russia. These new cars will ultimately be cheaper than cars made and imported from the United States. Therefore, the prospect in the Russian Federation they have.

Recall, Uzauto Motors currently offers three RAVON models — Hatchback R2 and R3 and R4 sedans. In December, the company conducts shares to reduce the price of these cars, since, according to the official statistics of the Association of European Businesses (AEB), not a single car was sold in September and November.