New 36-tonner MAZ will move Kamaz in quarries and on bad roads


The unique dump truck released the Minsk Automotive Plant.

Today, the construction of the building dump truck is sharply intensified competition. Therefore, always in the model line you need to have not only a complete range, but also ahead of the needs of customers and be half ahead of the competitors.

The first Minsk dump truck with the wheel forumum 8×8 is recently represented in the capital of the Republic of Belarus. The car received the index

The flagship of the Belarusian automobile automobile has already has four-axle dump trucks in its entirety over 50 tons. But the novelty is still coming. There is no such dump truck from domestic kamaz.

MAZ-6526L2 is designed for the transport of various construction and industrial bulk cargo to construction sites and places of sand, clay, stone, etc. According to technological roads and on general-purpose roads, subject to the requirements for permissible weight parameters and the rules of travel when they are exceeded.

The technically permissible total weight of the car is 54 tons. On the axes it is distributed as follows: on controlled front — 10,000 kg; On the axis of the truck — at 17,000 kg. The mass of the exhaust car is 18 tons. Thus, the MAZ-6526L2 loading capacity is 36 tons.

The new dump truck is equipped with WEICHAI POWER WP12.460E50 engine (Euro-5) with a capacity of 460 hp Maximum torque — 2110 N · m. Transmission — automatic 6-speed Allison 4500.

Dumping superstructure has a volume of 25 cubic meters. With rear unloading, with a hindboard and an elongated visor to protect the driver in the cockpit when tipping the car and from falling cargo during loading work.

The frame of the staircase car is made of stamped, stamped and cast details. All parts of the frame are mounted by self-adjustable bolts. The frame includes anterior and back towing plugs under the finger with a diameter of 52 mm.

The front suspension on the first and second axes is spring, small with silent blocks, transverse stability stabilizers and hydraulic telescopic type hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear suspension — spring-balancing, multilayer, with a transverse stability stabilizer in the rear bridge.

Overall dimensions of a new dump truck: length — 9600 mm, height — 4000 mm, width — 2550 mm. Wheel base — 2030 + 2970 + 1500 mm. The car is equipped with a 500-liter fuel tank. Tire dimensions — 12.00R24. The maximum speed is 85 km / h.