Navigator light


Famous manufacturer of autoswear Osram introduced an interesting novelty — LED navigator USB flashlight OSRAM Onyx Copilot®

In the assortment of salon lighting devices from OSRAM, an interesting novelty has appeared — a LED flashlight for reading onyx Copilot® (navigator lamp) with a USB connector. From now on, the manufacturer’s proposal presents salon navigator lights with all types of connection to the power source — from the cigarette lighter (onyx M-7), the on-board network of a passenger or truck (Onyx L-7), and now the USB port.

The ONYX Copilot® LED lights give light with a color temperature of 3200 K, providing a light flow in the intensity of 20 lm. In practice, this means that the lamps are shine enough, but their light is not blinded, because the light of a «warm» spectrum is comfortable for reading or working with paper cards.

Ergonomics and stability

The lamp is equipped with a flexible leg with a length of 37 cm, which allows point to direct light in the required direction. At the same time, the stiffness of the legs, in combination with a small weight of the lamp itself, allows it to maintain a given position when driving the car by irregularities.

The on / off button is conveniently located on the housing. In general, the sound design of the Onyx Copilot® flashlight, made in a black matte case, not in vain marked with prestigious Reddot and Germandesignaward. Non-slip and pleasant to the touch surface of the accessory will ensure pleasure from regular operation of a high-quality product.

Guarantees of reliability OSRAM

Osram nuclear lanterns are distinguished by an impressive practical resource — LED lamps with a high security class, service life reaches 20,000 hours. Even if you use lanterns daily for two hours, the resource is enough for thirty years. Manufacturer’s warranty — 2 years.