Nampavto launches in St. Petersburg «Smart Workshop»


In St. Petersburg, a smart workshop for the production of plastic lubricants for automotive and tunnels took place. It was supplemented by the production facilities of the scientific and manufacturing company NPPATO — the Russian manufacturer of innovative lubricants.

This is one of a kind object in St. Petersburg. Multistage filtration system, elements of heating system, cooling and heat recovery, tens of know-how and unique system of reactors, own software and other innovations make the workshop unique. It is expected that the annual workshop productivity will be up to 2000 tons of plastic lubricants. One party will be produced in just 8-10 hours instead of the traditional 24-48.

Such results are not amazing: the project was implemented by copyright scientific and engineering approaches of the NPVTO specialists, which at the moment is the owner of 47 patents. In 2016, the company was awarded the exporter of the year (at that time 30 countries exports), and in 2019 the number of export countries reached 46 countries of the world.

Products of the new enterprise will go to the assembly conveyors of KAMAZ, BELAZ, GAZ, the objects of the Russian and Turkish tuning, domestic metallurgy and other industrial facilities, as well as in the country’s retail stores.