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Today, the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover accounts for 60% of Russian car sales with three diamonds on the radiator. In fact, he makes the weather on the Russian car market for the entire brand. Recall that today this brand focused on sales only on the class of SUV cars. I once passed the story of the popular Mitsubishi Lancer.

However, the news reason to remember the most popular with us Mitsubishi introduced itself. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, the head of the European division of the Japanese brand Bernard Loir (Bernard Loire) has spoke and revealed interesting information about the Outlander update.

Recall that the current generation of Mitsubishi Outlander saw the light back in 2012. The car on the modern concepts of age. But in Europe, he has been gaining popularity for the third year! But the Larchk secret is revealed simply — there is a rechargeable hybrid version, which is in great demand in the old world due to environmental requirements. In Russia, hybrid outlander is not presented. But still, we have this crossover most popular Mitsubishi.

So, the head of the European Unit Mitsubishi Bernard Luar said that in 2020, the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover will change the generation. It will happen in the second half of the year.

Unfortunately, in an interview with this European publication, the head of the European Mitsubishi, did not disclose the details of the car in the Russian market and plans for organizing its production in our country.

In addition, Mitsubishi Outlander is available at PSMA in Kaluga (Joint Enterprise Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi). It is noteworthy that the main part of the products of the Kaluga enterprise produced at the full cycle is on this Japanese crossover. So, in 2018, from 38 thousand cars from the conveyor, 34 thousand came to «three diamonds». Respectively,

Also, the top manager said that this year a new compact crossover will appear, which, according to the example of the «senior» model, will acquire a rechargeable hybrid version. But no details of Bernard Luar revealed, so it is unclear what place in the model range of Mitsubishi crossovers will take a novelty. In the current range already there is a restyling model ASX (on our channel we are already