MAZ transforms Russian megalopolises


The Minsk Automotive Plant is ready to help the Russian authorities who have a tighten of transport problems all the tighten. Today they are «tightened» not only in two capitals, but also in almost all major regional and regional centers.

One solution can be the priority development of comfortable high-speed public transport.

«Why do we support the idea of transplanting drivers for public transport? We remove risky elements from the road, freeing the roads, increase their bandwidth. The experience of Moscow showed that this is absolutely the right direction. It is impossible to build so many roads at the moment so that cars feel free and comfortable on the roads. Therefore, the output is one — to return to the old Soviet way — to use a comfortable, mass public transport «

The solution of the transportation in large Russian megalopolis should go in parallel with the development of an affordable, comfortable, regularly walking, convenient city passenger transport.

However, to transplant car enthusiasts from personal transport to the public you need to perform a number of conditions.

Only when performing these conditions, the car enthusiast, appreciating all the characteristics provided to him in the complex, can decide on a transplantation on ground or underground public transport. Regularity and small intervals are also important. The passenger had to be firmly confident that he would not stand in traffic and would definitely reach, not stuck because of the accident on the tram paths.


Readers of our channel, who was lucky enough to visit European countries, probably noticed in many European cities

But in the Russian Federation, the situation with this type of transport is the opposite. An old rolling stock moving on broken rails does not leave opportunities for a comfortable trip. And the events of the last two years, when Moscow began to distribute the task (free of charge) trams of 15-20 years ago, worked on the capital’s routes, became for many Russian cities of the most significant attempt to renew the city passenger transport park. Again, the cities have no money to buy new trams and repair paths.

Residents of one sixth of land do not know that there is such a kind of urban passenger transport as

Despite the tremendous popularity of HRT in the cities of the former USSR, the authorities practically do not know about this world trend. But in all of the above countries from the metrobus made chopstick, the secret of this type of urban passenger transport.

The main secret of BRT so that foreign transport, be it a car or a steep jeep, a van or a truck, did not have the physical ability to travel to the allocated stripes for the movement of buses. The cost of the highlighted band on an existing road or highway costs significantly cheaper than the laying of underground tunnels for the subway or a velvet tram tram path on the concrete pillow, as is customary in Europe.

In fact, to create a metrobus in a simplified form, a «bucket of paint» is enough for drawing road markings, several video recording cameras and road signs on pillars for car enthusiasts warning about the buses allocated for the bus. This is a minimum that will speed up the movement of urban passenger transport, make it comfortable and high-speed.

Only the question of rolling stock remains. It must be modern, comfortable, environmentally friendly, low-profile relevant requirements today. It is to such a rolling stock.

This low-voltage articulated bus belongs to a highly large class. In its engine compartment, the MERSEDES-BENZ engine satisfying the EURO-5 environmental standard. The machine is equipped with a zf automatic gearbox that allows you to smoothly move in the city’s city rhythm.

As the Deputy Commercial Director for the sale of passenger machinery told, the head of the Sales Department of Passenger Engineering MAZ OJSC Vladimir Dormash, the bus is designed for 167 people. In a metropolis, this model allows you to maneuver and quickly deliver a large number of people. Five doorways enable passengers to quickly go and go out, without delaying the movement ..


Minsk resident presented not only the articulated model, but also the newest urban bus of the third generation MAZ-303. This model has an elongated body (12.430 mm), a new layout of the cabin. Capacity of the urban bus MAZ third-generation 110 passengers (26 seats). MAZ-303 is equipped with a 299-power engine Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA ecological standard Euro-6 and a super-modern 6-speed «machine» ZF ECOLIFE. The bus has already entered the test on the city route.

And another interesting news that came from Kazan. The municipality of the capital of Tatarstan ordered the development of the concept of the metrobus for the city on the Volga. Development of the concept of launching pilot routes of a high-speed bus message (metrobus) in Kazan will cost a city budget of 15 million rubles. This follows from the documentation published on the portal of the State Transportation of the Russian Federation. Thus, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan will make the first step in the emergence of this type of transport in Russia. And there are already a rolling stock for him.