Mahle secondary market tomorrow.


Mahle already offers electromotive manufacturers complex drive solutions with maximum performance. Mahle traction engines are suitable for all applications: for hybrid cars, for vehicles with a trailer, as well as for electric vehicles with power only from the battery, machines on fuel cells, and even for two-wheeled vehicles.

Thanks to the continuous expansion of its electric drive activities, Mahle adapts to changes in mobility — and thereby sets the course for his tomorrow’s portfolio in the after-sales service market. As soon as the car service will have such a need, Mahle can access the know-how and production facilities in the production of original equipment.


The control of the temperature of the battery and the engine of electric vehicles will be of particular importance in the daily life of the truck of tomorrow. The thermal cycle of the electric motor is fundamentally different from the thermal cycle of the internal combustion engine. The air conditioner compressor becomes part of the transmission, as it is responsible for cooling the battery and the engine.

This is especially obvious when traveling in winter. While the internal combustion engine produces enough heat for heating the cabin, the energy of the electric motor is barely enough in order to light air slightly.

Electric vehicles also produce spent heat, for example, during battery charging, but significantly less than internal combustion engines. The removal of this heat is an important part of the thermoregulation — on the one hand, to protect the components, and on the other — to use it in the air conditioning system. Ultimately, all measures pursue the same goal: more effectively use the existing energy to increase the distance of the trip.

The temperature control system of this complexity is a novelty for car services. That is why MAHLE is already working on timely to provide workshop information on repair and maintenance (RMI), spare parts, diagnostic tools and service nodes, and thereby providing car care for targeted support in this new business segment.