From January 1, 2020, BEHR HELLA SERVICE changes its name on Mahle. This means that since 2020, customers will receive from one hand all spare parts for car temperature control systems under the BEHR brand belonging to the global brand MAHLE, as well as equipment for service and diagnostics and other MAHLE service services.

Thus, Mahle is one of the most solid partners and an expert on all air conditioning issues and the cooling system of cars, commercial vehicles, small capacity cars, construction and agricultural machinery with DVS, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

For car services, this means that the quality of spare parts will become even higher thanks to the work with MAHLE details, which are available for motor assembled conveyors, which guarantees complete confidence in the quality of the final customer. After all, the high-precision temperature control systems are not only the guarantor of the reliable operation of the engine and electric vehicles, but also the most important factor in the technology of fuel cells.

Hello, future!

If you want to succeed in the future, you must be sure of tomorrow. For example, provide yourself with a reliable strategic partnership. Because together can be achieved much more.

The acquisition of Behr Hella Service Mahle is a logical step, allowing to offer auto repair and distributors of automotive components even more efficient support. Both product line perfectly complement each other and fully cover the areas of components for air conditioning and cooling air for all types of drives.

As a result, car services receive the highest possible and convenient access to all products and solutions necessary for work. And their customers get the highest quality service.

Now MAHLE solutions include:

• Spare parts — over 9,000 quality articles in 25 commercial groups

• Equipment for air conditioners

• Diagnostic equipment

• Technical learning

• Repair and maintenance information.

This is important because effective thermal regulation will play an increasingly important role in the future — regardless of the type of drive.

SUMMARY: Whether in DVS or electric drive — Mahle Aftermarket offers everything you need to successfully work your partners in the field of thermal control in the future.

Advantages are obvious

For all who were previously the client of the company BEHR HELLA SERVICE

• Direct access to the entire MAHLE Aftermarket assortment with product quality as a supplier on the conveyor

For everyone who is a MAHLE client

• All products and solutions for the control system of the heat carrier of one hands

Benefits for all customers

• Support for the entire transition period

• high level of product availability

• Definition in the field of thermal control in the future

• System know-how not only in the field of cooling and air conditioning, filtering, equipment for repair and diagnostics, but also in sphere parts for engines and turbocharger, starters and generators, electronics and electric vehicles.