Large French drive past


Attitude towards cars of French brands of senior dimensional classes has always been ambiguous. In popularity, they are greatly inferior to cars of a large German premium triple. Nevertheless, the «big» French are regularly updated, and do not leave attempts to penetrate the Russian market. But, alas, every time something goes wrong.

Cars of large dimensional classes of French brands

These above cars are actually not talking to the Russian motorist. Because in the fat years, an attempt was made by French automotive companies to introduce the audience of one sixth of the sushi with their big cars. But nothing good did not work out. The conservative Russian audience did not accept the French premium, preferred to him by the cars of the German Troika — Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz.

In company

Nevertheless, another French automaker still certified the car of a large size class. This is about

Its approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) contains two versions, one of which is designed specifically for our market and has a deformed up to 150 hp. Turbo engine 1.6. Alas, this model is postponed in the «Long Box.» In the new 2020th large Peugeot 508, Russian dealers can not be expected. The most optimistic perspective is 2021, when the time of planning restyling model will come.

In the Russian division of the concern PSA now bet on return