LADA GRANTA «OPRENTSUM» and will be transferred to a new platform.


The domestic auto giant AvtoVAZ is working on the new generation of his bestseller Lada Granta. The new Lada Granta 2021 will be built on the global platform of the Franco-Japanese Alliance Renault-Nissan B0. As a result, the new car will increase in dimensions and there will be a slightly larger model.

AvtoVAZ should start the serial release of the next-generation Lada Granta family in 2021. About this, with reference to its own source, the portal «» reports.

A new Granta after changing the generation will be transferred to the B0 platform, on which today there are two AvtoVAZ models — Lada Xray and Lada Largus. It also built current versions of Renault cars for the Russian market (Logan, Sandero, Duster, Kaptur) and Nissan Terrano. A new cross-coupe of Renault Arkana has been built on a somewhat improved version of this platform B0.

According to the source, it is underway to work on the appearance of the next generation Lada Granta. The models of which there are already eating both in the plasticine and in the electronic version of the 3D model. According to its dimensions, the novelty will be a little more of the current generation. And then the question arises, is Granta-II «Dorosla» in size to Lada Vesta? But there is no answer today.

Now in AvtoVAZ there is a purchase of the necessary equipment for the production complex, where GRANTA is produced. In addition, specialists from France and Romania, which are responsible for the implementation of the project work on Volzhsky Auto Plant.

It is noteworthy that the model of the subsidiary of the Romanian company Dacia, as well as the domestic AvtoVAZ, which is part of the Renault Group, is transferred to the newest CMF alliance platform. The domestic Lada models are translated into a well-deserved and tested time, but still an outdated B0 platform.

Also interesting will be intrigue, which motors will be in the Lada Granta-II motor compartment, which transmissions will be offered. But while it’s all hidden from an eye of a third-party observer. It seems that decisions will be made that will save the current price level for this car.

Recall that today in the current family Lada Granta includes versions in Sedan, Liftbek bodies, a wagon, a wagon, also the «high» version of Cross, and modifying Drive Active. Motor gamma model includes 1.6-liter engines with a capacity of 87, 98 and 106 horsepower. Transmissions — five-speed «mechanics», «Robot» or a four-band «automatic». In Russia, prices for cars start with a mark of 444,900 rubles.