Lada and Renault separate from Dacia


Cars of the Romanian brand Dacia, anticipate the emergence of new Renault cars in the markets of the CIS countries, and, above all, in Russia. For the time being, all Logan / Sandero / Duster and other state employees, first rolled up on Romanian-based, then came to the domestic ground with Romant Renhikom. And from recently, Romanian models began to release with Lada Lada Splatik (Wagon Largus, Hatch Xray).

Such an order in the Renault Group was accepted and existed almost a half decades. But now Dacia goes into the gap.

What changes will be further, told in one interesting material on the Automotive News Europe automotive resource. Everything is simple enough. Romanian Dacia, the most successful Renault Group project implemented in the European automotive market. It shows high results, and Dacia cars became one of the most attractive offers in the price / quality coordinates. Sales increased to such an extent that the Dacia brand became «glowing» in the top 10 European car market.

But for the time being, such a strategy that Romanian Dacia is younger and, accordingly, a more «cheap» car from Renault, worked and allowed to make a good to the French concern. After all, not all European buyers are rich and wealthy, many need a car is uttering to deliver the driver and passengers from point A to the point B. That is, the Romanian brand Dacia hit the very point — this is such a low-cost brand with cheaper cars.

But the situation on the European market is quite interesting, because the requirements for emissions emissions to the atmosphere are tightened. And accordingly, Romanian Dacia must comply with them.

New technologies of the electric drive are not so cheap, so as noted in an interview with Automotive News Europe, the head of the European branch of Renault Philip Burot, on new Dacia Logan cars, Sandero and Duster will not yet be installed hybrid and electrical power plants — so far only internal combustion engines.

Also, Dacia cars will not introduce complex electronic assisting systems, such as tracking tracking and other advanced security systems.

Philip Buro confirmed that Dacia cars will remain a proposal of the lowest price segment with the satisfaction of mandatory European safety standards. And they will be offered on average by 20% cheaper classmates Renault models. For example, Dacia Sandero and Renault Clio, Dacia Duster crossover and Renault Kadjar. That is, the Dacia Renome as a Low-Cost brand.

But here the dilemma gets up. In the coming years, the growth of DACIA car sales with low value-added in the EU countries for Renault will be simply unprofitable. And before the translation of the entire European line under the brands Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi on hybrid and electrical power installations, Dacia business can develop only in the direction of export growth outside the EU (to Turkey, Maghreba, etc.).

We have already told that work is actively working on the new generation of Dacia Sandero hatchback, which will be built on the platform CMF-B from Renault. The premiere of the car will take place in the fall at the Paris Motor Show 2020. The debut is not far from around the corner, but there is still little information on the following Logan / Sandero, so every «leak» is valuable. Edition has published a new portion of the spy photo of the camouflaged prototype of the new Sandero. And although it is saved by a camouflage film, some design features appear through it. It can be seen that the new hatchback will have more expressive forms — with a dynamic windows line, a large tilt of the windshield and a lower-nose. For the first time in its history, Logan / Sandero will receive a bulk panel of the hood (with an approach to wings) and external door handles «under natural grip» (on the current models, lifting handles are used.

But nevertheless, the most important thing is that the new Logan / Sandero will be built on the CMF-B modular platform, which also built modern Renault Clio, Captur II crossovers and a new Nissan Juke. Thus, with a platform B0, ascending roots to the Renault CLIO-II chassis of the 1998 sample, in the life of Dacia Logan / Sandero will be finished. That is, Romanian Dacia moves to a modern French trolley.

As noted in the above interview with Automotive News Europe, Philip Buro, as part of this Dacia takes technologies that Renault has, but with a delay to amortize technology.

But if Romanian Dacia moves to a new modern Renault platform, the localized cars with a rhombus and the rook will remain on the previous technological basis, consider what is tested today on Dacia. An example, to us all will not reach the second generation of Duster, which in Romania has been produced for three years. So soon comes.

Also, the change signal was the work on the Renault Arkana crossover coupe. A new car manufactured in Moscow has no Romanian counterpart. The developers directly stated that this car was developed by Russians and for Russian motorists. True, we will not hide, the French specials from the Renault Group were supervised and patronized. We also do not hide, which was attracted by the forces of the Romanian R & D Center in Pitesti (Romania).

In Russia, the Logan family is the basis of the Renault offer on the market. In addition, within the framework of the further integration of AvtoVAZ and RENAULT, all new models of Togliatti autohyda will be built on the same platforms that Romanian Dacia uses today, that is, that in 0 or differently Global Access. The nearest novelty of Tolyatti will be planned for release since the end of 2021, the five-door crossover LADA 4×4 on a common platform with DUSTER.

As part of the further integration of AvtoVAZ and RENAULT GROUP, all new models of Togliatti autohydia will be built on the same platforms that Romanian Dacia uses today, that is, B0 (Global Access).