LADA 2020: Two SUVs and abbreviation FL.


The domestic brand Lada abroad is associated with the classical «Nija», which today is called Lada 4×4. We will tell you about the prospects for domestic SUVs and new items of AvtoVAZ in the coming year.

From the cross on the road

So, the executive vice president of sales and Marketing AvtoVAZ Olivier Morne spoke about the future fate of the Lada off-road family.

Chevrolet Niva will now become a senior SUV in the family of the domestic brand Lada. She is waiting for rebranding. The Golden Cross on the radiator will change the Vaza rook. It will happen this year.

The SUV model will continue to produce, and it is not planned to carry an assembly to other enterprises. It will remain on the conveyor of the former joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ in Tolyatti.

Olivier Morne said that the company plans to integrate Chevrolet Niva during the year to its model range. Selling an SUV will begin in the dealer centers of the Lada brand. Now in Russia there are 301 dealer Lada, so in Togliatti hoped that sales «Niva» will be able to double.

Recall, at the end of last year, AvtoVAZ signed an agreement with the American autoconcerne General Motors about the redemption of 50% of the shares of Togliatti GM GM AvtoVAZ. Co-production will be a fully affiliated company of AvtoVAZ Group. Financial details of the transaction are still not disclosed.

Do not disclose anyone and what work on the oligation of the SUV will be held in perspective. But cosmetic changes will still hold. Tolyatti has already prepared a small update by firing the design of the front and introducing new rear lights. Recall that Chevrolet Niva in all versions of the performance is equipped with a 1.7 liter engine with a capacity of 80 hp, a five-speed MCP, a constant full-wheel drive and a two-stage dispensing box. The car is offered from 670 thousand rubles.

As for the classic LADA 4×4, it is not planned to stop it while it is planned, so updating the current version of the SUV will continue.

AvtoVAZ has already officially launched the production of the upgraded version of the LADA 4×4 SUV. The main sign of the novelties is a completely new front panel, which, among other things, is highlighted by another climate control unit. Three rotating handles and electric drivers of heater and recycling, as well as new air ducts made «climates» more convenient and efficient.

Further, oligation will continue. As part of further restyling, the SUV must acquire an original steering wheel with a safety pillow, another facing of the steering column, a new sample door cards, more ergonomic gear control levers, «block-lowering». The fact is that at the time of the premiere of the updated SUV, the plant did not have enough money for the installation of the same frontal driver’s pillow, and it was necessary to launch the car in production. It is possible that the following alleged improvements will be included in the complex modernization of LADA 4×4: the automatic turning on the wipers when the washer is turned on, replacing the nozzles themselves, the programmable pause of the windscreter, turning off the near light and the dimensions when the ignition is turned off. The volume of innovations depends on the financial success of AvtoVAZ. The plant really wants to improve the legendary SUV in many respects, but serious interference in the design of the Soviet Development Machine will lead to the rise of the machine, and this will inevitably destroy its market advantage.

But in the future for 2023 the new Lada 4×4 on the DUSTOR platform will be released.

In 2019, the Russian brand LADA expanded the model range by the «charged» sedan of Vesta Sport, the «soldier» wagon of Granta Cross, «Occlamor» Granta Drive Active and «Automatic» Xray Cross and Vesta family.

And hereinafter, before AvtoVAZ, there is a serious task. After all, the company has an obligation. When signing a special confctation (SPIK) with the government, it was stated that AvtoVAZ will release as many as 26 new models.

Olivier Morne listed the challenges for 2020, and among them we did not find in the list of something right super-attachment, from which I would like to go into a sweet waiting taking. But there was a subtle hint that in August, at the Moscow International Auto Show there will be a whole placer of some prime minister.

But back to the press conference. Here are the main priorities: maintaining and possible increase in the leading market share in Russia, car sales development with automatic transmission, NIVA integration into LADA model range, sustainable development of the dealer network, further improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction levels, preservation of leadership and opening new export opportunities .

These are purely commercial tasks and innovations in this listing.

But we still try to take the premieres that we are waiting for the coming year. According to our data, this year it is worth expecting the premiere of two models — Facelifting Largus FL and Vesta Fl.

Today AvtoVAZ is actively working on the Lada Largus Facelift project. The appearance of the Largus FL with the Ladian X-style on the sidewalls of the body was expected by autumn 2019, but last year it was held only a slight update, within which Largus got a radiator grille in the new stylist of the brand and the larger fine of the new sample.

Today, Largus shows good sales performance. Therefore, the plant began not to rush with deep restyling. An important requirement of Largus FL is that in terms of cost it should remain in the same niche so that the novelty does not bring sales.

It is known for certain that the wagon will try the new front part of the body in the X-style, reflecting the affiliation to the model range of Lada Vesta, Xray. Other bumpers, other optics, the grille of the radiator, may change the shape of the hood and front side wings. On the side of the car should remain the same. It is expected that after the facelifting car will receive an updated or completely new salon. The technical part of the change is likely. It is likely that in the engine compartment of the wagon, in addition to the available vazov engines, a 122-strong motor volume of 1.8 liters will appear

What does Facelifting Flagship promise?

In four years, the flagship of the Flag of Domestic Autostation Lada Vesta, in addition to the sedan, was replenished with a wagon, cross-versions of a sedan and station wagon, modifications with the CNG and Sport console. Lada Vesta also received a number of options and improvements, most of the «children’s sores» were eliminated.

Ahead of the 5-year anniversary of the flagship, will the domestic manufacturer be able to prepare an update of appearance and the cabin, that is, to hold a full restyling?

As long as we know nothing about the timing, but the fact that Lada Vesta with the factory designation Facelift will receive an updated exterior design and a completely new interior, that’s for sure. In addition, the flagship can get a new 1,3-liter turbomobile (150 hp), which is the same on Renault Arkana.

It is assumed that Lada Vesta FL will have new bumpers, headlights and lights, radiator grille, the lid of the trunk of a different shape, while the side of the body will remain the same. The machine will be equipped with an updated glass control unit with autorentor.

As part of the default, Lada Vesta FL will acquire a new original front panel with modern architecture, door cards and a central floor tunnel. The feature of the interior will be a huge «steaming» touchscreen of the multimedia system, which is combined with a climate unit. At the bottom of the central console there will be a large niche for a smartphone (the option of wireless charging will be available).