Kia Seltos.


Kia Seltos crossover will come

Ambitions of the new cross procession confirms by his statement by the head of the Russian office «Kia Motors Russia and the CIS» Alexander Migal: «We believe that Kia Seltos deservedly claims to become one of the most attractive offers on the market. The arguments in favor of choosing this model among the other players in the SUV segment will be the broadest selection of motors and equipment, modern options and technologies: a complex of active security and help to drive. «

Of course, in addition to all of the above, there are still a number of chips.

But we will focus on them later. And now refute a number of delusions.

For some reason, some of the writing brethren decided that the new crossover divides one platform with Creta. Nothing like this. Here are other related ties within the Hyundai-Kia concern.

The new crossover KIA SELTOS divides the platform with a little-known model Hyundai Kona. Therefore, SELTOS is a little larger than Hyundai Creta.

Our channel told about this interesting model (see

Yes, and the assembly of the Korean car will be conducted not in St. Petersburg at the Hönde Motors Manofachuring Rus plant, and in Kaliningrad at the local enterprise Autotor. Now according to the scattered assembly scheme, and with the end of the installation of welding equipment by the so-called full cycle. We will remind, here they are released on the same cycle Kia Cerato and Kia Sorrento.

Also known is well known and a set of engines and transmissions. And he is somewhat different from those who are completed with Creta. Basic atmospheric 1.6 MPI (123 hp with front-wheel drive or 121 hp with full) the same as Hyundai Creta. We offer all all-wheel drive SELTOS with a turbocharger 1.6 T-GDI (177 hp) from the same Gamma family and a seven-step «robot» DCT with two clutches.

There will be a 2-liter engine of the NU family (149 hp) and the new Korean wedge variator SmartStream IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission) of the 2017 sample.

The main merit of the variator is the fuel consumption of approximately half-liters less than with the «automatic».

On the course, the stepless transmission skillfully imitates the eight-stage «automatic», forcing the engine for a short time to upload only with the gas pedal apart. As the participants in the test drive, the settings are no worse here than the current successful Jatco variator at Renault and Lada. But the Korean Unit is not a belt, but with a chain of Schaeffler, which allows you to hope for increased vitality: Subaru has sleeveless aggregates for at least 200 thousand kilometers.

Two-liter modification and SELTOS with a turbo engine 1.6 dealers will begin to sell from March, and with a 1.6 liter atmospheric will have to wait until June. The initial versions of Classic and Comfort with the variator will not be, and LUXE starts with 1 million 350 thousand rubles per crossover with front-wheel drive, a complete set of pillows (including curtains), climate control, an eight-fashioned sensory display of the media system, rear view camera, stabilization chamber, cruise -Control and Bluetooth protocol. For comparison: the front-wheel drive CRETA in the Comfort version with atmospheric 2.0 and automatics is available for 1 million 215 thousand rubles, but without a rear view camera and a touch screen, which are provided from the Rock Edition set for 1,405 thousand rubles. Is it possible to call the KIA SELTOS «Cretbike» today? In fact, SELTOS will be a «rich relative» Hyundai. And he will definitely bite the market cake. But is there many such motorists make a similar choice?

And about competitors. First, Kia is not afraid that SELTOS will be «cannibal» another model — Kia Soul. Designation with the «coil» here is not afraid, considering that these models are interesting to different audiences. Moreover, SOUL is only an advanced drive. As for the Kia Seltos target audience, these are young and active people who live in the fast rhythm of the city and for which the comfort is important, a wide range of options. There are no special differences in the audience — all the audience is about one. It all depends on how much the model of the expectations of its target audience corresponds.

But for some reason confuse the orientation of everyone and all on a young active audience. Renault Arkana is counting on such, and now SELTOS. Do we have all the car enthusiasts of the country have become young and active?

Alexander Migal already cited above says that SELTOS is able to create its own audience, attract buyers from owners of other Kia cars and other brands Class A, B, C and C1, who would like to transfer to a compact SUV.

And now we will open, who should worry after the appearance of KIA SELTOS on sale. One of the largest sellers of Kia, the head of the Alarm Motors car dealership, Denis Changes directly indicates

Other car market specialists call the model

In general, the struggle will be tough and at the end of the year the market will deploy everything into place.