KAMAZ does not dispel with the orange cabin


The restyling version of the classic orange cabin is preparing for the release on KAMAZ.

If you remember a distant history of 50 years ago, the emergence of the KAMAZ-5320 truck in the 70s of the last century produced the All-Union Furior. Especially drivers liked the cabin. It was unsurpassed, in comparison with the KRAZ-256, ZIL-130, GAZ-53 and MAZ-500 produced then. Then it was born, as it were, I was told, mem: «Kamaz has the comfort of a cabin and a driver’s seat as in the Lunga» Zhiguli «.

Today, Cabins from Mercedes-Benz Axor (K4) are installed on the stone trunk tractors. The next generation of KAMAZ (K5) will already use a new generation cab of Mercedes-Benz Actros, a modern framework of frames of Cabin is built under the issues of which in Naberezhnye Chelny.

But the classic orange kamaov cabin does not go down in history, they are still in demand. The fact is that the domestic cargo transporter and the builder is not too rich, and it needs a budget version of cargo and construction equipment. And KAMAZ with the classic cabin the most suitable offer.

Classic Cabin Kamaz is already half a century. Even despite several restyings spent, she has a deficiency. The carriers have long accumulated claims to comfort classic cabins. Therefore, now they are preparing for the launch of restyled versions of the CA3 family.

Recall that the previous modernization of the cabin was carried out relatively recently, in 2009. Then the whole windshield appeared without jumper. Also there was a carriage of headlights from the bumper. In the manufacture of a falseradiator panel, they began to use plastic, as well as for wings, footboard enclosures and the bumper itself. At that moment, many carriers and drivers believed that the plastic was short-lived. But the metal replacement by composites is world practice, and the domestic plant turned out to be in the trend. Since the biggest effect from the use of plastics on trucks was dressed rust.

Also, at the same period, there was a change in the painting equipment at the factory and the introduction of cata-faeusy priming of the welded cabin, with a full immersion in the bath with the soil. All this increased the corrosion resistance of the machine. A more dense cataphorous soil in three or four times increases the corrosion resistance of the frame and the cab panels.
The fittings of the doors also changed: the use of an all-mounted internal upholstery of the door, locks from the VAZ-2108 began.

In that restyling-2009, a four-point pneumatic suspension of the cab was introduced. However, the cabin failed to be launched into production quickly failed, more or less mass it became only a few years ago. First of all, due to the fact that under the pneumatics had to strengthen the frame of the cab. Now the KAMAZ with a four-point suspension gives the driver unprecedented earlier, almost rocky smoothness.

Also, the KAMAZ began to establish new plastic instruments panels. Drivers are rapidly accustomed to them. Another combination of devices was applied, also with the «arrows», but later the display appeared. Also changed the steering wheel, an adjustable steering column with a pneumophycode appeared. The driver’s chair has become convenient, since now the cabin was completed with the German Grammer seats with Pneumopodevskaya, which are used by the manufacturers of a large European seven. You can still list the innovations of the past restyling. But this is the story. But what is expected in the current restyling?

Kamaz style oligation

Now let’s look at the events on modern modernization of the KamAZ cab. The factory says that, most likely, it will be the latest modernization of the classic cabin. But then such a question arises. The fact is that the country is under Western sanctions. New cabins of C4 and K5 generations are too tied to the German partner Daimler. Therefore, to take into account the sanction risks, as well as the fact that the German autoconecern will perform instructions from Washington, if any. The precedent is already available — the contract assembly of light commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic of the previous generation was minimized at the Gorky Automobile Plant. The conveyor is disassembled, autocomplets do not come.

In the light of such risks, it is more expedient to leave in production in the light of the domestic cabin, or in perspective to substitute production lines. But enough about fear, let’s talk about the oligation of the classic Cabama Cabin.

Well, now let’s stop actually on the novels of the new cab. First, this is a new bumper. Since the new cabin will be installed on construction trucks (dump truck, betos mixer, etc.) for them, a special, special bumper, consisting of three parts (elements). It has steel side parts and the lower part of the middle — those details that are most susceptible to damage during operation. If one sidewall is damaged, then it can be detected or cold, or with a preheating — at least a gas cutter. If it is not possible to repair well — you can buy a new sidewall that is clearly cheaper than the acquisition of a whole bumper. Three more details are made of plastics, and they are needed to make «transitions» between such a «brutal» bumper and the cabin itself more aesthetic. The bumper uses new headlights with LED running lights, in each pare there are two reflector and two light bulbs under the close / rank light. Under the bumper, a special folding tubular step is preserved that allows the driver to the windshield, wipe it from dirt or clean from snow and sleep.

Another novel is located directly in the cockpit. New instrument panel. It is also «plastic», but if the previous panel, as well as the very first, «iron», were, so say, «flat», then the new panel is a bit «curved» by the right hand of the driver for better availability to various keys. Here is a new device combination, other buttons, switches and keys, there is a place for a digital tachograph, and all this is done taking into account the application in the future on-board information system. Wiring is focused on using CAN-tires. Panemocran parking brakes are also installed on the panel. A completely new, more powerful cabin heater is used, and the installation of the air conditioner is also possible.

On the doors, new upholstery panels, they are integrated, plastic, original form. Power windows are installed in the doorway, the control keys are put on the upholstery of the doors. Ceiling upholstery and rear wall panels are made of artificial leather — soft, cooled, they can be easily cleaned.

From above, there are small pockets over the doorway, in which you can put a book or magazine, a notebook. These shelves complement the habitual shelves above the windshield. Luke in the roof remained in the former dimensions, but its facing is made in a new way. Instead of sunscreen visors, curtains are used.

Multifunctional multifunction is installed, now it will go in the basic configuration. Structurally «smart ram» with four knitting needles is close to the roll of Cabin K4 and K5, but the helm of KAMAZ-54901, of course, more functions. The subwoofer switch «one-handed», on the left side, the control of the turning pointer, light and wipers is displayed. The steering column has adjustments on the angle of tilt and departure the steering wheel, the airfield.

The seats are used by the most modern, TIS companies, which is located in neighboring Elabuga, is the licensed seats of the very German Grammer company. Driving — with a pneumatic suspension, for a passenger such a seat is an option.

In general, the classic cabin of KamAZ «visited». Now let it appreciate the carriers and drivers of dump trucks and other techniques.

(used photos from the «Flight» magazine)