Jeep vs Suzuki — Who Who?


American Jeep announced a competitor Suzuki Jimny — a new compact crossover Jeep will enter the market in 2022.

In recent years, Jeep has updated and expanded its model range, but the process is not finished yet. In addition to two large three-row SUVs — Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer — the company plans to release a «ultra-compact crossover», comparable to sizes with Suzuki Jimny. This was reported to AUTOEXPRESS publishing with reference to the head of the marketing department of the European division of Jeep Marco Piotozzi.

In the model line of the brand, the new crossover will take place below Jeep Renegade. SuperCompact will be a bit longer than Suzuki Jimny and shorter than Nissan Juke popular in Europe. The novice length will be about four meters. According to Pihozzi, the new model will meet the high standards of the brand for SUVs and can get an electrified power plant.

In accordance with the strategies of brand development by 2022, the hybrid modification will be among each model of the brand. Depending on the market, electrical or plug-in hybrid models will be offered. Recently, Jeep’s president Christian Mener said that electrification should make an automaker «the most eco-friendly brand of SUVs in the world.»

Since the plans of the FCA concern merge with PSA, there is a chance that the «supercompact» will be built on the PSA modular platform, which is used in Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa and other models.

The world premiere of new items is expected in 2021, for the year at the beginning of mass production. It is assumed that a hybrid modification will be released first to the market, then the electrical version will appear.