Jaguar will make sure that the driver is not tired


In the basic configuration of all models of Jaguar, the system of monitoring the attention and fatigue of the driver will appear in the near future.

According to the press office reports, the Concern Jaguar Land Rover, the system is already available on the basic versions of all Jaguar crossovers, as well as on the updated XE sedan.

In the future, the system will enter the list of standard features of all vehicles under the brand of Jaguar.

RDM system (Driver Condition Monitor — «Driver’s Monitoring») automatically determines the signs of drowsiness at the driver and warns it about the need to relax. For this, the program analyzes a number of indicators, in particular: the response of the power steering system, pressing the gas and brake pedals and the general behavior of the driver while driving a car.

Many of the parameters are updated with a thousand times per second, which allows you to identify statistical deviations from the norm in the maximum amount of cases and as quickly as possible. The moment when the driver is tired, determine the mathematical algorithms processing the data obtained.

In case of detection of relevant signs of drowsiness from the driver, the system submits a warning beep, and a special icon is displayed on the dashboard with a picture of a cup of coffee.

As noted in Jaguar Land Rover, in the study conducted by the Charitable Trust Foundation from 11 to 17 September 2018, each eighth driver from 20,561 respondents admitted that at least once in his life fell asleep at the wheel. According to the report of the «Parliamentary Advisory Board on Transport Safety» of the United Kingdom from 2016, such cases are about 25% of fatal accidents.