It turns out that in Russia cheap cars


The Russian Federation was in the top three countries with the cheapest new cars, told us the main printed edition of the country.

For five post-crystal years, new cars have risen in price by 65% in the Russian Federation, the average price tag has already exceeded the mark of 1.5 million rubles. Nevertheless, Russia was in the three countries with the cheapest car.

Experts of the consulting company Jato Dynamics calculated the weighted average cost of the purchased cars in different countries of the world. Interesting results revealed.

Naturally, the most expensive cars can afford to buy residents of the countries of the so-called «golden billion mankind», and those who live in poor countries, or the countries of the semi-and periphery of the global economy, do not «disguise» by the fact that cheaper.

The most expensive new cars are sold in the USA and Canada. But there, having highly popular pickups and SUVs are especially popular. The average price tag of new cars in North America in 2019 is

Second place by neighbors on the other side of the Atlantic. The weighted average price of the conditional new car in the European market is

High weighted average prices in these countries are due to the diversity of the presented models, especially a premium class, and the high purchasing power of the population. «In the United States, Canada, Eurozone and Australia, the average salary is approximately the same and in terms of about $ 3 thousand and a month. Therefore, it is quite logical that in the richest countries of the world their citizens can afford expensive cars. Credit rates in these countries are also very close. Typically, a loan for the purchase of a new car is taken for 4 years at a rate of about 3-4% per annum, «the IFC Markets analyst Dmitry Lukashov commented on the IFC Markets Analyst.

Now look at the other pole, where the cheapest cars are sold. And here, as not strange, India is first from the opposite end. This country today is consistently automotive. Not in vain in the news automotive ribbon it is said that many automakers pay attention to the Indian market. But his feature is that the cheapest cars of the world car market are purchased here.

The second place in the back went to countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, where the weighted average price of the new car was

Also in the three countries with the most cheap new cars turned out to be Russia, whose result was

Thus, our country is inferior in terms of weighted average prices such car markets as

The formation of the price policy of automakers often directly depends on the assessments of the solvency of the population. Therefore, there is no point in proposing the luxury brands of cars in Russia if the personal income of the population does not grow the sixth year, and loans rates, despite all the efforts of the Central Bank, are still quite high.

«The same thing is in China and India. The model range is offered, based on the price capabilities of the potential buyer and a number of other parameters: the cycle of the change of the machine, the options for its maintenance and the state of the secondary market, the readiness of the consumer to buy on credit, etc. Russia does now really look worse in terms of solvency: people have no money, «says Anna Bodrov from Alpari.

In turn, a sufficiently high weighted average cost of cars in South Africa at a relatively low level of well-being of local residents is due to the greatest regional bundle in the income and the small number of assembly automobiles in the country, adds Dmitry Lukashov.

Meanwhile, according to the price list of foreign automakers, not always starting price tags on the models in Russia are lower than in developed markets. For example, Toyota Camry in terms of dollars costs us about the same ($ 24400), as in the US ($ 24295).

But compared to Europe, price tags in Russia, indeed, somewhat lower. Thus, the difference in the value of Renault / Dacia Duster in terms of the euro is about 12% (11490 euros in Europe against 10130 euro with us), and Volkswagen Tiguan was as much as 30% cheaper (30385 euros against 21120 euros).

True, it is necessary to note the conditionality of such comparisons, because the same models in different countries differ not only by the set of options «in the state», but often and technical characteristics, including compliance with the required environmental standards. In addition, the pricing in different countries is influenced by the competitive situation in the local market, the demand situation, as well as positioning models in its segments. Among other factors are the tax system, customs duties, currency exchange rates and the degree of localization in the case of local assembly. Not least in the preparation of price-sheets, automakers take into account the level of income of the population and loyalty to the brand.

In Russia, European cars can be cheaper in Russia, because due to the difference in the cost of wages and the tax base in our country the costs of production are lower compared to the states of the European Union.