Interesting «Praddense» Patriot


The domestic automaker Sollers gradually reveals both the look of his new all-terrain vehicle and its filling. The process of pulling out «into the light» of information about the various elements and knots of the car was delayed, and we will be pleased with it for another year before the official premiere of the Ulyanovsk car.

Nevertheless, the main Russian information publication «RG» decided to publish the first photos of the modernized SUV of UAZ «Patriot», he is «Russian Prado». Do not hurry to rejoice, it’s a sketch.

Official images of the current generation of the model were taken as the basis for the appearance, and renders were borrowed from the unrealized project of the UAZ-3170 crossover.

The facial part of the body will receive a linase head optics, similar to Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, an original front bumper, a new radiator grille, hood and wings of a different form. The feed will acquire LED rear lamps, also sending to Prado, a new rear bumper, other wings and side rear glass. The sidewall, the fifth door (with loops and spare wheel) and the roof will remain the same.

According to the publication, inside the new UAZ «Prado» should gain the front panel with modern architecture and the latest touchscreen, a modified central console with a tunnel, new handrails and an ABP selector lining.

You may change door maps, steering wheel and a combination of devices. The consoles will be available for heating the front seats, steering wheel and windshield, pre-heater, parking sensors, ESP, descent system, off-road, as well as a field of all-wheel drive transmission modes.

The SUV will receive an active cruise control, wireless charging, a regular video recorder, an electronic parking brake and the AUTO HOLD function that allows you to hold the car on the spot without pressing the brake pedal.

As part of deep restyling UAZ, it will be built on a completely new frame with an independent spring suspension in front and a dependent spring rear. The system of full drive with a rigidly plug-in with a downward number of transmissions and electronic locking of the rear differential will be saved.

The engine gamma of the modernized «Patriot» is replenished with two modifications of 2.3 liter gasoline turboctors with a capacity of 150 and 170 hp, 2.5-liter «atmospheric» on 145 forces and 2.2 liter turbodiesel from Ford Transit. The boxes are planned two — 6-speed «mechanics» of the Chinese company BAIC and the 6-speed «automatic» from the French company Punch Powerglide.

Prices for the newest «Patriot» will lie in the range from 1.2 to 1.6 million rubles. The release of a restyled model is scheduled for the second half of 2021, but it is possible that the SUV will appear not earlier than 2022.