In the shelf of Mazda crossovers will arrive


An interesting situation has developed at the Japanese brand Mazda in the Russian automotive market. Of the four new cars of this brand, three falls on the only model —

It is clear that the basics of marketing theory warn that the rate on the only successful product is always fraught. And in the Japanese company it is understood. But in the relationship of Mazda and Russian motorists while there is such a skew. The conclusion to the domestic market of the newest Mazda 3 and the Mazda CX9 crossover was not strongly helped.

And now the Japanese make another attempt, this time they want to diversify their proposal in the popular SUV segment from the Russians.

Recently, approval of the type of vehicle (OPTP) on the Mazda CX30 crossover is recently. What is this beast?

The car for the Russian market will be collected in Japan. Most likely, official brand dealers will appear at the beginning of 2020. It is noteworthy that the Mazda CX-30 crossover after the crash tests of the European independent EURO NCAP organization recognized the safest car.

Some more information.

This is a compact crossover, size slightly smaller than the famous Mazda CX-5. The model debuted in the spring of 2019 and stood in the product line between CX-3 and CX-5. Its dimensions make up 4395 x 1795 x 1540 at a base of 2,655 mm.

The Mazda CX-30 Compact Crossover will be sold in Russia with one motor. This is a 2-liter atmospheric engine SkyActiv-G with a capacity of 150 hp.

The peculiarity of the power unit is the direct fuel injection, as well as the possibility of working on gasoline AI-95. The engine will go in a pair or with a manual gearbox, or with a 6-speed automata. The version with automatic transmission is available with a full drive, the rest will be front-wheel drive.

Among the other features of Mazda CX-30 — wheels with a diameter of 16 and 18 inches, air conditioning, headlight washer, a number of standard security systems (EBD, DSC) and so on.

On the one hand, the Japanese assembly guarantees the high quality of the assembly of the car, but on the other hand, it means that Mazda CX-30 will be only a few more affordable model CX-5 of the Far Eastern assembly, which is now from 1.6 million rubles.

As for another production in the Far East of the company, Mazda Sollers plant in Vladivostok, in June, serial production of Mazda SkyActiv-G engines began here. The production plan of the next year is 19 thousand motors. At the same time, the engine localization will grow from 2% to 30%. Now on the assembly of engines is employed by 200 specialists. The enterprise project capacity of 50 thousand power units produces engines relevant to EURO-5 standards. These are the most motors that are installed on Mazda crossovers.