Hyundai counted 36,750 driving styles


The South Korean automaker Hyundai has published the results of a study conducted jointly with Dr. Warwick’s University Mark Hadley and Hechie Lamm’s Drief Instructor, during which two thousand British motorists responded to questions regarding their relationship to driving style, vehicles on alternative fuel and electric vehicles. As it turned out, there are 36,750 driving methods, of which five are main:

Interestingly, men are more likely to call themselves with confident drivers, there were 31% among the participants in the survey. Then, among women, the drivers include 25% among women. Meanwhile, women respondents more often than men call their driving style nervous.

As the study showed, 92% of motorists will never signal other drivers, 42% — slow down, passing public transport forward, 37% — thanks to other drivers on the road, 25% — admitted that they are accelerated to yellow light in order not to stand at the traffic light. Also, the survey showed that car drivers on alternative fuel feel more confidently, car owners from the engine, 21% against 19%.

During the test «Miscellaneous for driving», developed by Hyundai specialists, the researchers analyzed the six main parameters of driving in people controlled by cars with engines on alternative fuel. During the test, the movement of the pupil, the expression of the face, the heart rate, and the smoothness of the press on the pedals and the steering control was tracked. The results of this test will be equal with the results of a similar test among drivers of cars with DVS.

«There are many things that affect driving style: skills, as well as self-confidence, experience and even music that drivers listen to a trip or during her. For 25 years of work, I watched an instructor on driving all these aspects. Now I wonder how cars on alternative fuel affect our driving style: in 2040, when only cars with zero emissions will remain in the cities. I am interested in how our driving manner will change. I hope she will be better, «said Gary Lamb.