How haval will be crowded Ulyanovsky all-terrain vehicle


Patenting the numerous parts of the new UAZ, which was called «Russian Prado» strongly stretched in time. Russian motorists slowly, but correctly disclose both the appearance and the salon characteristics of the new Ulyanovsky all-terrain vehicle. The funny thing is that this process will not end soon, but it will be quite long until the automaker presents the car.

So, while Ulyanovsk designers and specialists work on Russian Prado, a competitor was brought to the Chinese Plant «Havil Motor Manuff Turing Rus» in the Tula region. And this means only one thing —

Drain into the network of images of the Chinese SUV from the plant showed than the Russian Haval H5 will differ from the Chinese car with the same name. In our case, it is slightly overflowing Hover H5. That is, the car with the design of 2011.

In the infinite name under the name Haval H5, a SUV, sold from us earlier as Hover H3. They differed, first of all, appearance. In addition, the «five» was slightly larger than the «Troika». Otherwise — everything is similar: frame design, rigidly connected drive into two front wheels, Mitsubishi turbo engine and mechanical gearbox.

In fact, this is the third coming of the model to the Russian market. At first, «Khovers» produced under the brand Great Wall and very successfully sold. So, in 2014, almost 10 thousand cars were implemented. Then the company stopped its activities in the Russian Federation, but SUVs returned in 2017 called DW HOWER. Their licenses of the Chinese concern began to collect in Stavropol at the factory belonging to Derways. But this project also soon stalled. The company stopped in 2018, and next 2019 sales of new «hover» stopped. And here is the third attempt. Now with localization at the HAVAL plant in the Tula region.

There are no details from the Chinese company for this model. The management holds plans for the current year in the big secret. Thanks to the leak, the photo and the plum of them became clear picture. Meanwhile, information has already appeared that these SUVs are assembled in a factory in the Tula region a large-sized way. Their sales will begin until the end of the first half of the year, and the presentation of Haval H5 can pass in April.

Note that in the Middle Kingdom model of Haval H3, which shared the design with the Russian H5, stopped producing. Therefore, the car will be equipped, most likely as Chinese H5. That is, it can get two 2-liter turbo — gasoline for 190 hp and diesel for 150 hp All work with a 6-speed «mechanics» and full drive. It is impossible to understand what the price of the novelty will be.

In the meantime, it was reported that the Russian Haval Plant, which was opened in May 2019, had released only 5972 cars by the end of the year. This suggests that the production capacity of the enterprise, calculated on the release of 80 thousand cars, not loaded strongly. Currently, the plant works in one shift.

Recall that the Haval F7 crossover stood first on the conveyor of the Tula company, which became the most massive model of HAVAL Russian production last year with an indicator of 5008 cars. In October last year, the Russian plant Haval also began the release of the Haval F7x coupe and the HAVAL H9 frame SUV, whose production was 808 and 156 cars, respectively. Haval H5’s frame SUV, previously produced in Russia called Great Wall Hover 5 and DW HOWER H5 will complement the model line.

Recall, the construction of a HAVAL plant with an area of ​​2.16 million sq.m (216 hectares) began in the fall of 2015 in the Uzlovaya Industrial Park in the Tula region. The total investment in the project amounted to about 500 million US dollars. At the first stage, the production capacity of the enterprise is 80 thousand cars per year. The plant includes a stamping, welding, color and assembly shop, and the production shop of components. At the first stage, the total number of employees will be up to 1000 people. The logistics capabilities of the HAVAL plant make it possible to cover not only the Russian market, but also supply cars to countries of neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. In the future, the company plans to expand the export zone.

Meanwhile, in June 2019, Chinese autoconecern Great Wall Motor (owner of the HAVAL brand) and the Ministry of Industry RF signed an agreement on intentions regarding the conclusion of a special flowraction (SPIK). As part of the project implementation, the company plans to invest 42 billion rubles and increase the production capacity of the plant from 80 thousand to 150 thousand cars per year. At the same time, the second line of stamping and engine production will be built. At the initial stage, the location of production at the Naval plant in the Tula region exceeds 30%, and the implementation of the second stage of the project will increase it to 70%. However, while there is no information about the conclusion of the list.