The diesel engine uses compression to increase the temperature of the air to the level at which the fuel is flammable when it is mixed with hot air. In cold weather, the launch of a diesel engine can be difficult, since the compressed air temperature is not high enough for burning the fuel mixture. Therefore, the incandescent candle is the key component for each cold start. Its heating rod can reach temperatures above 1000 ° C in just a few seconds. Incandescent candles are heated by the engine combustion chamber to a temperature sufficient to create ideal combustion conditions of the fuel-air mixture.

Incandescent candles are important not only for short and confident launch, they are also:

Significantly reduce emissions of exhaust gases and improve running quality,

Increase engine life,

Reduce the start time,

Improve fuel combustion while starting the engine,

Provide full combustion of diesel fuel within minutes after starting the engine.

This reduces the amount of combustion and soot products that clog the EGR and DPF valve. Incandescent candles should be regularly verified to make sure of their correct operation. Worn or damaged incandescent candles can cause many different faults: an increase in smoke formation, loud noise and uneven operation of the engine, reducing output power, or an increase in fuel consumption and so on.

Here are some general recommendations:

• Check the incandescent candles each time to make sure that you use it (use an ohmmeter).

• Change incandescent candles every 60.000-80.000 km (based on experience, incandescent candles in most cases reach the wear limit almost simultaneously. The cost of replacing the set of candles is less than the multiple replacement of individual defective incandescent candles).

• Refusal of the incandescent candle can be caused by excessive voltage, and this is most often found in the recent generation glow candles. Make sure you checked the entire electrical chain before replacing the incandescent candles.

What kind of incandescent candles choose?

Incandescent candles should, first of all, withstand thermal impact, vibration and corrosion caused by aggressive gases and soot from combustion. In order to satisfy all functional requirements, Hidria incandescent candles are made of special materials approved and past validation.


Hidria is one of the leading European and world corporations in the field of automotive and industrial technologies. For more than 50 years, the company has invests in the development and production of components for the cold launch systems of a diesel engine. Hidria is a reliable supplier of PSA Peugeot Citroen for almost 20 years. Hidria Incandescent Candles are used in modern diesel cars of the world’s largest manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Audi, Renault, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Iveco, Land Rover, Jaguar, Opel / Vauxhall, Great Wall, Porsche, Nissan, Volvo and many others.

Hidria Solutions for Cold Launch Diesel Systems are also used in commercial vehicles:

MAN, Caterpillar, Cat, Perkins, Deutz, John Deere, Yanmar, Steyr, Cummins, Kamaz, Lombardini.

Choosing Hidria, you choose the original.

The Mission Hidria is to offer the original quality of the conveyor supplier (OE) in the secondary market.

The extensive range of incandescent candles covers almost 100% European fleet. You can find a completely correct incandescent candle for almost any passenger car with a diesel engine.

Despite the fact that Hidria has historically specializes in manufacturing and supply to conveyors of incandescent candles for European cars, the development and expansion of the program for Asian cars is a priority and long-term project. In this regard, the Russian market with a large share of Asian cars is of interest and high potential for the company.

Advantages of Hidria incandescent candles:

• Original quality

• Very long lifespan

• Reliable engine start (even at -40 ° C)

• Very fast cold start (incandescent candle is heated to a temperature of above 1,000 ° C in about 2 seconds)

• Reducing exhaust emissions (environmental concern)

• Reduced fuel consumption (increased safety)

• Reduced engine noise

• Compliance with Euro 5, Euro 6 and higher standards.

5-year warranty

Hidria offers a 5-year-old warranty on the market for each glow candle, because Hidria is confident in the first-class quality of his candles.

You can find all the details about Hidria incandescent candlelights are also on the site: