Geographical separation of labor.


The Operational Council of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi confirmed the inviolability of relations between its members, after all the scandalous statements. Today it is decided that the destruction of the alliance and the way out of it of individual members is inexpedient from all points of view.

The Alliance Council came to fundamental solutions that will determine the configuration of further development. One of these solutions was the geographical separation of labor and the definition of priority regions for each member of the Alliance.

So, a separate region is enshrined for each of the three automakers, so to speak his behavior.

The car market of the old continent will remain for

Next, the largest automotive market in the world — China has secured for

In turn

Bloomberg agency believes that another largest car market in North America will «depart» Japanese

Pure arithmetic share of the French manufacturer in our market is 8.2%, and Japanese — 3.7%. Moscow office Renault comments. But something suggests that the Russian market will be under Renault Group. Moreover, in the largest domestic producer of PJSC AvtoVAZ 2/3 of the French shares.

And some more information from the alliance. From now on, the development of automotive platforms, power units and other «key technologies» will be carried out according to the model «Leader — follower». That is, in each direction of R & D, one responsible company will determine that it will put the end of the previous practice, when the French and the Japanese worked on each other over the same thing. The Alliance hopes that new schemes will increase efficiency and performance, will strengthen the interaction in the use of resources and investment, «while maintaining the individuality and independence of each company.»