Geely Atlas will push new engines.


A few days ago, the firstborn of the Belarusian passenger car industry BelDi plant released the 20000 Geely Atlas car. This labor victory of automobiles from the neighboring country of the Customs Union spawned a whole shaft of information on further fate of both the enterprise itself and the most-selling Chinese model in the Russian Geely Atlas crossover market. But first things first.

The first information is related to the fact that the Chinese company will gradually refuse the atmospheric engines. The Geely Atlas crossover will eventually lose the undead engines with time, and the Basic Power Unit of the Ozvostnik will be «turbotroom» with a volume of 1.5 liters.

Accordingly, the motors of 2.0 l and 2.4 liters will dismiss, and the engines with a superior will be inserted into their place. By the way, the top motor will remain 1.8-turbo, which is already placed on the current version of Geely Atlas.

The general director of the BelDji plant of Gennady Svidersky at the ceremony for the release of a 20-thousand car in the Belarusian enterprise was reported on expanding the motor line. According to Svidersky, during 2020, Atlas will receive «turbotroom» 1.5, corresponding to the euro-6 environmental standards. The new engine will allow the factory «Belli» to sell cars not only in the countries of the Customs Union, but also in the markets of Europe countries.

It is also expected that for the Russian market and for compliance with the tax legislation, this turbo engine of 1.5 l is defined from 177 hp. up to 149 hp This will allow you to «dilute» by the power of the three-cylinder unit and the «fourth» 1.8T, which today is installed on Geely Atlas and develops the power of 184 hp

Title selling Chinese car in the Russian Federation

If we talk about the results of the year, the company worked in profit, about $ 150 million received on the basis of export deliveries. In addition to the market of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in plans to diversify supply. Negotiations are underway with partners in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia and Poland. There is a foundation next year to increase exports.

Recall that today Belgi produces three Geely models — these are sentany of Emgrand 7, as well as Emgrand X7 and Atlas crossovers. Plan for 2020 — 35 thousand cars with project power up to 120,000 cars per year.

But the most interesting in the production of new crossover Geely Coolray / Binyue (SX11). Gennady Svidersky told: «The model SX11 has already passed all types of tests. In February 2020 we plan to bring it to the market. This is a new model, as we say, the city crossover. «

Compact Parqueturics (4340 mm long) on the modular platform developed together with the Volvo platform, Geely places huge hopes on it. The mystery with the name of the machine is solved simply: the Chinese name Binyue («Write Guest») beyond the limits of the subway. The company announced the World Competition for the Global Name, but still use the factory index SX11.

An interesting approach to the electric car was also averaged. «Chinese colleagues say that electrical models guarantee their technical parameters at a temperature not lower than +11 degrees. Our countries are cold. The second point — electric vehicles are much more expensive. Massively them can afford those who have subsidies for the purchase. For example, in Shanghai, the purchase of an electric vehicle is subsidized by the sum of about 10 thousand dollars. From the budget. Plus «Numbers» are obtained by the competition, which also costs 10 thousand dollars. So it turns out that each electric car gives a discount of almost 20 thousand dollars. At the same time, it can ride the band for public transport, to travel to the city center, etc. Therefore, we need to be poisoned, we can enable this or not, «said Svidersky.

Meanwhile, the flagship crossover Geely appeared in China on the «light». The coming novelty will be the largest Geely crossover, they spent under the factory internal code VX11. The tried salon is designed for seven passengers (counting the driver), and in the list of options, among other things, matrix headlights, adaptive cruise control and panoramic roof are declared. But in the list of motors already mentioned above the turbocharged engines with a volume of 1.5 and 1.8 liters, which are issued 177 and 184 hp, respectively. Moreover, a microhybrid installation is possible for the first motor. The remaining details will be announced in spring.