Following the Opel


The appearance of the newly formed FCA (Fiat-Chrysler) and French PSA in the world aircraft will become the basis for creating new cars on common platforms.

This practice successfully demonstrates another alliance — the French-Japanese Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the various models of which are constructed on common «trolleys».

Just recently announced the creation of a new alliance in the world car industry between French PSA (Peugeot-Citroen Group) and Italian-American FCA, did not have time to cool ink on a signed agreement, as an authoritative edition of Automotive News Europe with filing its sources in these autoconecerns reported The fact that the first car built in the framework of the alliance of these concerns will begin to be produced earlier than expected. This novelty will be the Alfa Romeo Tonale parquet, the debut of which is scheduled for 2022.

It is also reported that in the future all the passenger cars of the Alliance will be built only on two platforms of the PSA concern. These are CMP «carts» for compact models and EMP2 for large-scale cars.

Thus, as in the case of the absorption of the German brand Opel, the cars of which are gradually transferred to the French platforms, the Italian-American concern makes a choice in favor of these more modern automotive platforms.

However, still the model range of Opel has not moved to the architecture of the French owner. Today, crossovers with lightning on the radiator have already moved to French trolleys, also the new Opel Corsa is built on a new base. But the past rejuvenation of Opel Astra is still using the old «jeem» platform. As a result, access to the market of the Russian Federation is closed for it. That was the condition of General Motors selling the brand Opel by the French concern.

But back to the newly formed alliance. The decision to abandon the developments of the Fiat / Chrysler concern is due to the fact that the French «carts» are better prepared for the modern requirements of the market and new enough. The development of new gasoline, diesel and electrical models based on them will require smaller investments than similar projects of obsolete platforms of the Italian-American concern. For example, the first machine designed on the CMP platform has become a DS3 Crossback compact parquet, which debuted in Europe only at the end of last year.

Apparently, Italian cars Alfa Romeo Tonale «Enjoy» with French models DS 3 Crossback, Peugeot 208 and 2008, as well as Opel Corsa. As for the larger EMP2 architecture, she debuted in 2013 together with the Citroen C4 Picasso compactment, then served as the basis for a variety of Citroen, Peugeot, DS and Opel models.

But most of all worries such a question. The Italian-American concern is a brand of large full-size RAM pickups, as well as large Jeep models. It seems that the Alliance has already decided that these cars intended for the North American market will save existing FCA platforms. Also, the Fiat-500 model will not be touched. The debut of the renovated car will be held in March 2020 at the Geneva Motor Show. Since the development of this mini-car is already completed, the transition to another platform will require too large «extra» costs.

By the way, there is some kind of return to the previous experience, because the previous Corsa had a common platform with the Fiat Grande Punto and Alfa Romeo Mito hatchbacks