Everything is ready for the release of KamAZ new generation.


Fascinating 2019 passed under the sign of preparation for the launch of the serial production of a new generation of K5 K5 soda trucks.

If you look at the KAMAZ-54901 from the global position of the car market, the fact that the product in the production range of domestic auto giant will appear, the technological level of which is comparable to the current model number of a large European «seven» cannot but cause positive and even pride. Let’s look at the new truck from other positions.

As you know, a new generation framework for the production of a new generation carcass was opened in May. Note that the new cabin is the most important detail of the image of the truck. After all, the problem of Kamaz’s cabin is well known to everyone.

So, the new Cabin «Fruit» of the collaboration of the KAMAZ plant and the German automaker Daimler AG. Frame index — SFTP (like the fourth generation ACTROS). It is made on the above mentioned enterprise, which is located on the territory of PJSC «KAMAZ».

After welding and coloring, the base of the future truck cabin acquires a set of outdoor panels and an interior that determines the appearance or KAMAZ of the newest generation K5, or Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4.

Family of Cabin CA5 CA5 includes 7 options: short F1A with high tunnel and F1S with low tunnel, long F1D with high tunnel and F1T with low tunnel; High F1E with a high tunnel and F1i with a low tunnel and, finally, a premium ultra-high F1H with a low tunnel for a trunk tractor.

But the cabin, although a separate «song», only an integral part of the new domestic truck.

In the creation of capacity for new products and the introduction of progressive technologies for the manufacture of a car and its components, all major production are involved. Large-scale changes touched the presses and frame plant of the Kamsky Auto Giant. For example, a new line for the production of fuel tanks with robotic cells is launched. The framework of the frame color is completed by the second layer. Modernized powder coating line on receivers. Also, a translation of the 4th line of coloring shop No. 1 is stained for the chassis details.

In connection with the beginning of the production of a new generation, the truck will have to conceptually change the technology of the frame assembly, dismantle the old line, and otherwise build a stream on a new line: «Production of framework parts — color — assembly» to avoid necrossments between the details.

And on the released areas it is planned to implement a new promising project «Compass» — assembling light delivery trucks.

Notable changes occur at the motor factory. Recall that the new generation of KAMAZ will establish the long-purpose turbodiesel KAMAZ-910.12-450. This is also the «fruit» of collaboration of Kamsky auto giant with the German-Swiss concern Liebherr. The Liebherr 946 engine was taken as the basis, manufactured since 2012. The engine design is largely similar to the solutions of other European manufacturers. The layout is 6 cylinders in a row, separate GBC with 4 valves per cylinder, drive timing gears from the flywheel side. The dimension of the CPG is 130×150 mm, the operating volume is 11,946 cm3. The engine has a cast iron block of cylinders, «wet» sleeve, power supply system with Common Rail fuel frame. The range of power settings from 380 to 550 liters. p., Maximum torque indicators 1700-2540 N.M.

On all technological flows of production of r6 r6 engines for generation Trucks, special attention is paid to ensuring stable quality and the implementation of methods of statistical processes.

In the course of 2019, the crankshaft processing line, turning, and dubberry equipment is launched. In addition, in the framework of digitalization, equipment began to connect in 119th and in the 201st workshops to monitor the status of the machines, their loading. There is a new joint project of the motor assembly plant and the engine factory to increase the capacity of the front axles for the new generation of KAMAZ cars, which also provides for the development of the production of the hub node with a non-serving bearing. With its introduction, the car is guaranteed mileage 1.2 million km without TO-2.

The blacksmith plant mastered the manufacture of a new, enhanced front axle beam for promising cars KAMAZ. A robotic cell will also appear here: they purchased a special machine for processing the front axle beam, equipment for the hub, fist, washing installation.

Today, the KAMAZ enterprise differs from other Russian enterprises with a high level of digitalization of processes, as for different vectors of the company’s work. If we talk about the technological center (shopping center), then one of the successful projects implemented in conjunction with Siemens can be considered a system for planning, monitoring and carrying out technological preparation of production. It is embedded in TeamCentre, a solid solution was found: designers are design, technologists are planning — immediately goes digitizing processes. Binding to each notice allows you to monitor, track the situation for each car.

Preparation for the release of a fundamentally new generation of Kama trucks is completed, it remains a bit to wait, when the mass production of the most advanced and advanced family of domestic trucks will begin.