Entertaining «Corolong Studies»


The rank of goods sold in the world’s world keeps the Japanese Toyota Corolla model. Over the past year, their sales amounted to 1 million 236 thousand pieces.

But on the Russian car market, this model does not use high demand. There are several reasons here. The first, sharp drop in interest in the size of the size class C, which is positioned by Corolla. Last year, the Russians acquired only 4,684 new «Corolla». This not only contrasts sharply with the class of grade leader from Skoda Octavia (27 161), but also incomparably with the Toyota Camry business sedan, which was sold at eight (!) Once again (34 017 pcs.).

In Russia for Toyota Corolla today is not the best times. Although another decade ago, the situation was the opposite. And the reminder of it is the number of cars of this model in the country’s fleet. Today in Russia there are 650,316 COROLLA cars. More than half of them with the right steering. More than 10 years ago and left-handed cars were sold in an amount of at least 30 thousand pieces per year. But then, when the Japanese automaker identified his priorities in Russia and built his factory in St. Petersburg Shuschars, at which the Toyota Camry began the release, and some time Toyota Rav4, the Era «Corolla» rolled to her sunset.

Then, when the assortment of the new enterprise was not the «Corolla» of its deliveries began with the Turkish plant of the Japanese automaker. From there shipped sedans. But the hatchbacks, which some time ago had the name «Auris», were supplied from the UK.

Today, the entire Internet news feed is full of updated Corolla. As such restyling the models do not have to speak. This is a small set of changes that are announced for cars of 2020 model year. Including supplemented gamma body colors. Now you can order red and beige metallic. Media system also added support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. «Corolla» in more expensive prestige equipment and prestige Safety can now boast chrome-plated molding around side windows and tinting rear windows.

Recall that in the engine compartment, the only non-alternative clear-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 developing power 122 hp (Max. Torque — 153 nm). It goes paired with a six-speed «mechanics» or with a stepless gearbox.

Prices for price lest from 1 million 214 thousand to 1 million 736 thousand rubles. Dealers in February will give discounts (up to 150 thousand rubles) to increase the sluggish sales of the model in Russia.

The continental Toyota Corolla differs from the one that is sold in the country of the rising sun. There, the car is presented in the body sedan, and wagon and hatchback. Also, all cars of the Japanese family are built on a new platform. At the same time, «island» cars are slightly smaller in size and size of the base. The length of the sedan for Japan is only 4,495 mm (global — 4,630 mm).

We will play new Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Cerato with competitors of the updated Toyota Corolla, and Skoda Octavia will come closer to the end of the year.