Each KAMAZ should have its own «compass» (LCV)


Domestic auto giant declared an ambitious project. A year later, a model of a light commercial car will be presented, an analogue of the Nizhny Novgorod «Gazelle», and already in 2021-2022 its mass production will begin. This was announced by the Director-General of Kamaz Sergey Kogogin.

When we prepared for our channel information about the readiness for the serial production of a new generation

Further, in his interview with the Federal newspaper Vedomosti, General Director Sergei Kogogin clarified the deadlines that we wrote above. But at the same time noted that the partner of KamAZ — the German automaker Daimler in this project will not participate participation.

By and large, KAMAZ invades the already completed segment of the market of light commercial vehicles. Here, two domestic automakers are actively working — Nizhny Novgorod gas and Ulyanovsky UAZ. The first is represented by its «Gazelle» of the previous and current generation NEXT. Second — Cars UAZ PRO. Not to mention the vans and trucks of foreign automakers in the Russian Federation (PSA), Ford, etc.

You can, of course, start within the framework of the concept to start looking for root causes of such a solution to the manufacturer of large trucks, talking about the expansion of the model range is even very good. And nod to the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ), which strongly diversified its model range. And KAMAZ actually goes on his way.

The Belarusian automaker MAZ also decided to produce cars of light commercial class LCV. True, for the implementation of this project, he also freed the square in the Brestmash Brest branch and established the release of LCV.

But what is this car?

Larka as it turns out to be opened simply. This is a Chinese lightweight commercial car in the form of a all-metal van Jac M209 «Sanray».

The entire aggregate base of this van from the Chinese counterpart. Engine — turbodiesel 150-strong JAC, 6-speed mechanic box, etc.

But according to the main newspaper of the country, Kamaz residents will submit their own development LCV. That is, we hint that it will be a domestic car. But KamAZ has no production of small diesel engines, no production of boxes for aggregation with such a power unit. In general, while the full fog about the new car and its technical stuffing.

Recall, Currently, KAMAZ produces a wide range of trucks (more than 60 models, over 1500 complete sets, cars with the right wheel). KAMAZ is traditionally positioned in the truck market with a full mass of 14 to 40 tons. In recent years, the gamma products have expanded from new models and car family — from urban delivery trucks to high loading vehicles for operation as part of road trains with a complete weight of up to 120 tons.