Do not ride with a breeze


About the causes of breakdown and diagnostics of windows first-hand from their manufacturer

The main difference between modern cars of different classes is in the level of comfort. One of the most important aspects of this comfort is the climate in the cabin, with support for it within the desired usually copes the system of air conditioning. Nevertheless, in our territories, even car drivers equipped with air conditioning are very often used by the «traditional» way of ventilation of the cabin — open windows. However, the constant use of this function becomes the cause of wear and breakage of the windows mechanism. The Magneti Marelli Aftermarket is told about how to extend its life of its operation, as well as on some nuances of rational diagnostics and repair of this node, the Magneti Marelli Aftermarket specialists are told.

In the modern car, the descending glass doors are largely a tribute to tradition. People are so accustomed to the fact that the windows can be discovered that most motorists are unlikely to perceive the model in which at least the glass of the front doors do not fall. And this is despite the fact that in many countries drivers rarely resort to the opening of windows.

In the summer, the air conditioner starts remotely, and landing is produced in the already chilled salon. When driving, even if the ambient temperature is comfortable, also use the ventilation system: air flowing through it is filtered, and closed windows cut off the street noise. With high-speed ride, the open windows worsen the aerodynamic flow around the car, and the strong drafts are fraught with otitis or cervical mositis (people usually say that «blurred neck»).

The most adequate use of the windows mechanism is lowering the glasses with a long stop with the engine off. You often use taxi drivers in this way, as well as people who periodically use the car as a place for short business negotiations or friendly villages in the evenings.

In general, it can be agreed that at a comfortable temperature outside the car, it allows not only to save fuel, but in general, «expands» the space. If you stayed in a picturesque place, a closed tight capsule machine turns into a chaise lounge in nature. On the other hand, stop with open windows and not locked doors is not recommended in places where robbers are possible. Although in such places it is better not to stop at all …

One way or another, but we use the windows actively. If time allows time — they ventilate the dried up the car before running the engine and air conditioning. When the sun heats the machine, especially dark, when moving (with a fence in temperature, up to + 25 ° C), open windows instead of including climate control — so save fuel. Many just love to ride, putting the elbow on the door, others — to force others to listen to their favorite music.

If you consider all the listed and on the average age of the fleet, it becomes clear why the driver’s breakdown is not such a rare problem. Therefore, we turned to the Magneti Marelli Aftermarket specialists, which supplies windows, including on the conveyors of automakers, for recommendations on the operational rules and the rational sequence of diagnostic procedures in the event of a breakdown of this mechanism.


The reason for the breakdown of the windows mechanism is not only in the number of opening-closing cycles. Of course, any mechanism is designed for a limited number of cycles of use. In principle, the mechanism is designed for several cycles per day throughout the service life of the car. Three times a day for 10 years — and it will be overcome by 10 thousand times. But, first of all, the average age of the auto-exploited cars (now by the way, in America — 11 years old, in Germany — 9.5 years). And secondly, more harm does not cause the discovery and closing itself, but pollution of the mechanism.

It may seem that the power window mechanism is reliably covered from unfavorable environmental factors — it is inside the door. However, when lowering the glass in front of it in the seal, the gap is formed. And taking into account the fact that the door and so is not sealed, it has technological and drainage holes, when moving with an open window inside the door, air flow is formed. It is not strong, but sufficient to suck the street road dust and other particles, which then have an abrasive effect on the windows mechanism. Therefore, one thing when glass is descended to receive an order in fast food, fare or parking, communicating with a refueling or cop. And completely different — when it is constantly open while overcoming thousand kilometers of the road.


Maintenance of the windows mechanism Automakers, as a rule, do not provide. But in severe operating conditions, with high humidity or dusting — it will not be superfluous. If for some reason the door lifting is removed — MagNeti Marelli Aftermarket specialists recommend using it, to clean and re-lubricate the available elements of the windows mechanism.

Another reason for the exit of the window switching is the increase in glass friction about the seal. A very simple and cheapest way to extend the service life of the windows — periodically lubricate the seal with silicone lubricant. Magneti Marelli Aftermarket is recommended to do it at least twice a year. It is especially important to fulfill this procedure before the cold weather. It often happens that it is in winter that the car owners themselves break the mechanism, trying to «help» him to lower the glass faced to the seal.

It is not necessary to use a lot of lubricant, but also to be afraid that the glass will become fat, it is not worth it. After lubrication, it is necessary to lower the glass a couple of times, to raise the glass so that the lubricant is completely distributed, and then wipe the glass with a soft (microfibrous) cloth — silicone lubricants are easily removed from the surface of the inevitable materials.

Diagnostics of windows

If, when you press the lowering / lifting button, nothing happens, it probably failed. However, immediately disassemble the doors, of course, not worth it. First of all, check the corresponding fuse or circuit breaker.

Note! On some models of cars, in addition to protecting the entire fuse circuit, circuit breakers are provided for each of the electric motors separately. The introduction of such an element of the system ensures the operation of other electrical windows in the event of an exit (encumbling) of one of them.

If the glass is not driven only on some doors (more often than rear) or they work only from the main control unit, it is necessary to check the operation of the control buttons in the door. That is, make sure that when pressed, they provide a normal conductivity of the electric current (the presence of voltage at the window terminals).

If only one of the glasses can be omitted / raise using the main windows control unit (comfort unit), you should make sure that it is not activated also with the button on the door. If the button works — it means that the problem is in the comfort unit. In general, its malfunction on cars older than 7 years is a very common cause of failures in the work of lighting, opening and closing glass and doors, locks and other elements. The problem is usually in sticking contacts or in the burnout of the corresponding relay in the comfort unit. Before repaid relays — make sure that it does not work, because if the problem is deeper in the block, it will not help, and the time will be wasted.


If still need dismantling of the door — do not perform this operation in the cold. In many models of cars, the sheathing is attached to the door with plastic pistons. At low plastic temperatures, depending on its quality, it can become too fragile, and when removing from the door, the pests can break. And the new original may be rather difficult, but it is impossible.

If the previous actions did not bring the result, then the first thing after dismantling the door sheaving should be inspected the wires for breaking. The presence of Gary or the integrity of the insulation in any case is a reason for replacing the wires.

Before checking the windows electric motor, make sure there are no mechanical obstacles to move the glass. If the motor submits signs of life, but nothing happens to the glass, then you can safely assume a mechanical malfunction. We facilities from plastic, in particular gears and rails, are considered weak windows. The gear breakdown is easy to determine even without dismantling the door: if you hear how the motor works, and the glass does not move, it is most likely, it simply collapsed from old age.

Fault of cable power windows are similar to what arise in manual mechanisms. The most frequent mechanical breakdown is a banal cable break. As for the mechanisms of lever type, the breakdown of the levers is extremely rare, although it is impossible to completely exclude it. It should also be verified in the absence of deformation of the guide elements, according to which glass moves.

Of course, the electromotor breakdown may be the cause of the inoperability of the windows. Connect a voltmeter on the terminals, turn on the vehicle ignition and press the glass control button. If a voltmeter displays the presence of a normal voltage, and the glass does not move, the windows motor can be replaced.

In the assortment of Magneti Marelli Aftermarket, there are components that allow you to qualityly perform the repair of windows in cases where the button, mechanism or windows motor can be replaced. Products are available in two versions. For newer cars, the original Marelli products are the same details that are supplied to the assembly conveyors of automakers and therefore have a maximum resource.

For old cars, the budget line «EQ» is quite suitable. These spare parts for the secondary market are made in Taiwan, under the control of Magneti Marelli Aftermarket. All products are strict quality control, which is important when it comes to repair that requires considerable time on installation-disassembly. The main difference is not such a large settlement resource, like the original parts — if the car is 10 or more, it is unlikely that it will be produced before it is output.

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