Do not doubt Haval in Russia for a long time


Russian car dealers who previously sold Ford go to haval. And not only these facts. However, about everything in order.

Analysts, monitoring Russian car market, found out that about half of the car dealerships, who previously sold the American Ford car brand, now specialize in the sales of Chinese HAVAL.

And this despite the fact that Americans promised to continue working with the salons, only that they sell Ford Transit vans.

Recall that in the spring it was announced that the passenger segment of the American brand leaves Russia, because in the framework of global optimization, the work strategy of Ford was changed in our country. In line with these iconic changes, there was a complete refusal to work with the line of passenger cars with the «blue oval» on the radiator, and the new emphasis will be made on sales of vans and minibuses. Also in the Russian Federation three of the four production sites will be closed.

Around the one who will get Ford plants in Russia — Motor-Building and Assembly Enterprises in Tatarstan and the plant in the Vsevolozhsk of the Leningrad Region — the conversations have not subsided until now. The Korean Hyundai and Chinese Gac Motors were assessed towards them. But the real transactions have not yet been announced.

But with the Ford dealership centers, the part of which ceased to work, is becoming increasingly clearer. It turns out most of those that were closed, they now trade with Chinese machines.

As analysts of the Avtostat Agency found out, the American brand has already closed 48 car dealerships. But on more than 20 of them a sign Haval appeared. Some salons at the same time have partially retained relations with Ford — here trades LCV (easy commercial vehicles) and conduct their service. But there are also such salons (their number 8), which was fully focused on working with a Chinese brand. It is noteworthy that some are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Haval, by the way, much due to this became one of the leaders of the Russian market on the dynamics of sales and expansion of the dealer network. Sales growth in October was a month according to the European Business Association (AEB) fantastic 323% to the same October last year. And the network of salons of official Chinese brand siders increased by 41 car dealerships. More only in another Chinese brand JAC — plus 50 auto accessories. However, this Chinese company began, in fact, from a low start, while Haval is already present with us five years.

Well, what is Ford? It sells dealerships. In October, they sold only 107 cars with blue oval on the radiator. And the brand itself for sales rolled back to the easiest of the list AEB and became the tenth from the end, hitting such rare campaigns with our brands like Zotye, Smart, Cadillac.

Fate’s sad fate, and he was the first to build his factory in the Russian Federation from foreign automakers. But the holy place is not empty. And we know that the same HAVAL (in the Great Wall car company) created its own production base in the Tula region.

Moreover, Haval in the coming years will turn the Tula region into the automotive cluster. And here is intrigue. We will explain. A similar car cluster in the neighboring Kaluga region created Volkswagen. In addition to the actual assembly complex of the German manufacturer, 30 autocomponent enterprises work there.

Now the Chinese begin to build the cluster. What does this testify? That they are serious here and for a long time. Recently, the representation of the Chinese company «Having Motors Rus» announced construction in the R & D Center region. This unit will be studied by research and development (or in other words of R & D). The center will appear under Tula until 2028.

Investments in the second phase of the development of HAVAL production in Russia, including the creation of the above-mentioned center, will be 22.4 billion rubles, the company reported. In addition, 3,000 new jobs are planned to create 3,000 new jobs. Now the company has already been employed more than 1,100 people.

And here is the second intrigue. Voicing the production plans of the Chinese automaker in the Russian Federation for some reason, it is not mentioned about the signing of a special investment contract (SPIK). Similar spices have already signed all the leading automotive industry players in exchange for state support measures. Most likely, the Chinese representative office does not want to declare a convention to the official ceremony. Although on promulgated investment characteristics, it is clearly «pulling» on the speaker.

Recall that at the first stage of its Russian project — the construction of the Havale Motor Motors of Manufactory Rus in the Tula region was invested over $ 500 million. This is considered the largest amount of Chinese business investment in Russia. The factory opened in the spring already produces three models of Haval — the F7 crossover, the cross-coupe of the F7X and the H9 SUV.

During this time, about 4.7 thousand cars were collected here. In this case, the total volume of their localization is 30 percent. On Chinese cars, assembled under Tula, in particular, Russian glasses and batteries use domestic chemistry, including oils. It is expected that with time cars will be released from Russian metal. At the same time, they will be exported — and not only in the countries of the Customs Union, but even Europe.

In addition, Haval this year came out for the first place on sales among Chinese companies. What our channel reported. In many ways it became possible thanks to the construction of its own plant. So judge by yourself about what we endured the title of this material of our channel.