Cummins isl8.9.


The triumphal history of Cummins ISL8.9 diesel engines. In Russia, began with KAMAZ-6520. The first experienced party of these trucks was released in 1996, but in the series they went only in 2003. Created on the basis of original aggregates, nodes and systems, even then KAMAZ-6520 easily competed with 20-ton European dump trucks.

On these cars, the best nodes and aggregates at that time were always used — 16-speed ZF ECOSPLIT boxes, leading bridges with planetary hub Raba and MaDar gearboxes, long-time 12-liter motors KAMAZ-740 50th and 60th series.

But in 2008, the KAMAZ engines V8 replaced first in line «six» Cummins 6LTAA, and then more modern Cummins ISL 8.9, Euro-3 and Euro-4, with the Common Rail fuel system, with a capacity of 290 to 400 hp. They are distinguished by smaller volume and weight, successful layout under the cab, and at the same time high power, a large torque, efficiency and impressive interservice interval — up to 50 thousand km. With a resource of about 850 thousand km to a overhaul, the motor is easily repaired thanks to the interchangeable «wet» sleeves and the possibility of permissive to the steel wrought-iron crankshaft in four repairs.

In the summer of 2016, a premiere of a high-tech KAMAZ-6520 «Suite» with the Axor cabin took place. He also received the engine Cummins ISL 400L.S. / 1700N.m, as well as a reinforced frame (load capacity up to 21 tons) and a heated platform with HYVA hydraulics. In this model, it was possible to combine the democratic price and characteristics comparable to more expensive dump trucks.

Motors Cummins Series L are manufactured in the UK, USA, Brazil, India, China, and they all released about 5 million. Since March 2017, Cummins ISL is assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny, on the JV «Kammins Kama», in parallel with Cummins ISB engines. The launch of the conveyor assembly of the ISL diesel location family is a new stage in the development of relations between Cummins and KamAZ, and the KAMAZ-6520 family with domestic Cummins ISL motors began to go from the main auto plant conveyor.