Cruises are different


The Detroit Motor Show gave way to the main North American Auto Show Los Angeles. In an attempt to ahead of the wave of news La Auto Show next week, Hyundai announced that her first pickup will be made from 2021 at its assembly plant in Montgomery, Alabama. This will require the expansion of the plant for $ 410 million, at which Sonata and Elantra are currently collected. The company noted that the project will add 1200 new direct and indirect jobs. «

The information was confirmed that Santa Cruz would be a pick-up crossover. As stated in a press release, «Santa Cruz is intended for those who need all the traditional attributes of a compact SUV, with the need for the everyday universality of the open trunk. It is the crossover who creates a completely new segment that successfully combines the possibilities to meet the unspoken needs of buyers of the new generation, especially Millenialov. «

The conceptual Pickup Hyundai Santa Cruz, shown above, was first introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. Since production should start in 2021, most likely, it will be a model of 2022, and we will see the work version next year.