«Clean» machines are losing popularity


Strengthening the decline in sales of electric vehicles and hybrids in China in October of this year was the consequence of the closure of state programs aimed at stimulating demand for such machines.

In October of the current year, this segment of the carpet of the Middle Kingdom showed a 45 percent decline. The share of electric vehicles and hybrids accounted for 3.5% throughout the volume of machines implemented in China in the reporting month.

However, relatively high sales, which were registered in early 2019, while still holding this segment of the car market «afloat». For 10 months, about 800 thousand such cars were sold, 17% more than a year earlier. However, one should not expect that this year the market of electric vehicles and hybrids in China will cross the mark of 1 million sold units. But all because not only government programs for customers of electric vehicles and hybrids curled up in the country, but similar programs that have previously operated at the regional level were also closed.

«Pure» electric vehicles occupy 2.7% in the volume of machines sold in China, and the proportion of plug-in hybrids is about 0.5%. Traditional hybrids account for a share of 0.68%. With the volume of all electromotivers and hybrids, the share of SUV is growing. Such machines account for almost 34% of all electrified cars implemented in the country.

The leader in sales of electric vehicles in China has become BYD — 11,749 cars sold in October. The second result of BJEV is 8591 units, and the third one Geely (5209 units). Baojun sold electric cars and hybrids at the local car market in October, and GAC Aion is 4540 units. Auto. The rating of models in October was headed by the Bjev UE sedan (7623 cars sold), the second became Baojun E200 with a result of 4636 units. Auto, third place was taken by Gac Aion S (4217 units), and fourth and fifth — BYD YUAN (3072 cars) and BMW 5-series in the PHEV version (2764 pcs.)

It should be noted that in the Russian market, according to the study of Avtostat Info, the leader of sales among electric cars in January-October of this year was Nissanleaf — 52 cars sold, which is 173.7% more than last year’s sales (19 units).