«Chronicle of declared death» gas


The tragic story of the famous story of the Columbia writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is increasingly reminded by the situation with sanctions against a gas group

Such a gloomy name of this material is due to the next deferment against the Russian Group of Gas crilent sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance. It was announced that they were postponed again. Now Deadline is appointed March 31, 2020. Recall that the previous deadline for entry was appointed on November 8 of the current year.

Gas enterprises are in the US sanctions list from April 2018, and although the Ministry of Finance of the United States announced several delays on the entry into force of sanctions into force and the next Dendline was postponed to March 31, 2020, this is not a salvation, but only a deferred catastrophe.

Let’s explain why. The entry of sanctions into force threatens to stop the conveyor, working enterprises can remain without work. After all, in almost all models of gas there are foreign components, and even if their share is small, it is impossible to collect without them. In addition, all promising projects in the enterprise are frozen, now foreign details are supplied only for current tasks. Hopes for import substitution and complete localization were not justified, although much was done, but nodes remain, for which no domestic companies are taken.

To save the plant, workers are ready to knock on all the doors. In July, they arrived at the US Embassy in Moscow and called on the American government to cancel the sanctions against gas, and the youth of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant «Gas Group» even recorded rap on an actual topic.

Workers went to the Outline of Nizhny Novgorod and erupt more than 4 thousand kilometers on Gazelle NEXT cars through Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria. Finishes a protest action in German Duré, where from December 9 to December 11, a meeting of the IndustriALL Global Work Union autocomitics will be held. There, Gasovsky will meet with the leaders of trade unions of the automotive industry of different countries and express themselves on sore.

Under these conditions, the German concern Volkswagen announces a contract assembly of its crossover model