Chinese car industry created his «Aurus»


On the Internet, the first images of the Hongqi L5 of the second generation — the most expensive Chinese car appeared.

For the characteristic design of Hongqi L5 is called Chinese Rolls-Royce, although it is twice as expensive than the new Phantom. The current generation of the model is sold at a price of 920 thousand dollars and his successor is unlikely to become cheaper. Naturally, the car is collected by hand and released very small batches. Still — on this car, the first faces of the Middle Kingdom drive!

The new Hongqi L5 retained the branded chrome-plated grille, the red flag on the hood and round headlights (although they are now diode). But his roof line has become more showing, and the rear doors are now opening against movement.

In the interior decoration, the skin and expensive wood are combined, and the steering wheel is made in retro style. The luxurious sedan has a virtual instrument panel and touchscreen to control audio and climate.

Executive sedan retained 6.0-liter V12 at 408 liters. with. and 550 N ∙ m. A 6-speed automatic transmission operates in a pair with a motor, and the drive is complete.