China «folk» Russia by sedans


Chinese automakers, really, «fill up» the Russian market, however, until recently, crossovers. Is there really a stage of sedans?

The attentive reader is not surprised by this headline of the material of our channel. Reading the news car tape, often catch yourself thinking, why are China automakers in Russia?

What models from the Middle Kingdom, debut recently from us. Forgotten BRILLIANCE brand recalls, which brought the younger model of the crossover V3. DFM (Dongfeng Motors) also declared a compact AX4 crossover. Jac promised two crossover smaller S4 and more s7. Big plans for Russia from the company GAC. True, as long as they submitted only GS8 and they have only 4 dealerships for the whole of Russia, but the plans are grandiose. In the company promise to bring crossovers to Russia

It seems that Chinese automakers simply want to fill our car market with their cars, and hope how it does not seem strange, on … Russian «Avos.» Like, some car model, and will find the way to the heart and wallet of the Russian motorist.

Indeed, a number of models «groppy» this path, and a number of models remain unclaimed. We have already written that the current Chinese «favorites» in the Russian market are Haval, Geely and Chery brands. They in our table of ranks occupy 18, 21 and 25th place of the Russian car market. These are players of the second line, the second echelon of foreign automakers. Yes, they could even overtake the French couple Citroen and Peugeot, which even have their own factory in Kaluga in the Russian Federation. But to the Grande of our market they are far away. It will take several years of conducting a verified marketing policy, so that the domestic motorist said — Chinese cars — this is exactly what satisfies me.

But this is what attention does. In the latest information messages, information is often slipped about the fact that Chinese automakers make not only new in the class of new SUV, but they are trying to «add» the demand for ordinary cars.

Here is an eloquent example. Chinese brand

Other automakers also intend to drive sedans in the Russian Federation. One of the largest Chinese automakers