Chevy Niva has become ours.


The domestic automaker AvtoVAZ has prepared several «surprises» and news reasons. Among which there is a special place for further departure from Russia of the American Giant General Motors.

Farewell to the Russian Federation of the American automaker General Motors delayed for half of five years.

Recall, in 2015, the American AutoGinger decided to leave the Russian car market and closed his plant in St. Petersburg. On which the buyer has not yet been found, by the way. The sale of model lines of popular cars of CHEVROLET and OPEL brands was also discontinued. In addition, who bought the German brand Opel of the French group PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) was forbidden to sell cars with zipper on the radiator in Russia, built on the GM platform.

However, until yesterday, the fate of the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ was not solved in Togliatti, where the only Chevrolet Niva model is produced.

But now in this issue of the departure GM from the Russian Federation put a point.

The press center of AvtoVAZ extended information about the repurchase of the American concern General Motors 50% of the shares in the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ. As noted in the message,

The only product of the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ today is a Chevrolet Niva SUV. For some time (how many exactly — not specifying) Located in Tolyatti, the plant will continue to produce cars under the chevrolet brand, then the model will affect the radiator on the radiator and will become LADA.

Actually, the enterprise itself is going to rename in the future, removing the name of the American manufacturer from the name. No changes for employees GM-AvtoVAZ and AvtoVAZ are planned. Existing contracts with suppliers and dealer centers of NIVA will also remain unchanged «during the transition period».

And now we ask yourself, why do AvtoVAZ additional production facilities in 98,000 cars per year, by today’s loading of existing capacities is low? Recall, last year, the Izhevsk playground «Lada Izhevsk», where Lada Vesta produces, was loaded by 56%, and production facilities in Tolyatti were loaded by 39%. Actually, the GM-AvtoVAZ plant was loaded last year by a third (32.4%). I will express the assumption that the existing model Chevy Niva is likely to extend life. All the same, even on the falling market there is a steady demand, the truth falling. It is likely that a more powerful VAZ engine will be installed in the engine compartment of the SUV, maybe there will be a small «face lift». This is all learning later. However, the press center of AvtoVAZ informs that in the near future the restyling Chevy Niva is not planned.

Meanwhile, the fate of the SUV should now be considered through the prism of the Unified AvtoVAZ policy in this segment. Recall, after a while, Lada 4×4 should change the generation. We admit that AvtoVAZ returning the rights to Niva, it is possible that the next-generation SUV will present under this famous name. But this is just our assumption.

Chevrolet Niva SUV update was held in spring this year. Then the SUV received a new multimedia system. But even this update could not stop the sales drop. According to the European Business Association (AEB) in the Russian Federation for January-November, 19,368 cars have been implemented, which is 25% less compared to the same period of 2018. The model flew out of the top 25 of the Russian market in the current year.