Bosch against scattered and inattentive drivers


Bosch specialists have developed a technology that will track the driver’s condition and everything that is happening in the car while driving.

The new technology is designed to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers by reducing the likelihood of road accidents. The system based on artificial intelligence will evaluate the driver’s condition using the camera system. So, when the driver’s sleeve or the driver is detected, the system will give a signal and automatically reduces the speed. Especially relevant new technology in cars with autonomous control systems. In particular, during the transition to manual control, the car must be sure that the driver does not sleep, does not read the newspaper and does not write emails on his smartphone.

«If the car knows what his driver and passengers do, driving will become safer and more convenient,» commented the work of the new system Harald Kruger, member of the Robert Bosch GmbH government.

In serial cars, the new Bosch system appears already in 2022. This year, the EU will make security technology, which, for example, warns drivers about drowsiness and distraction, standard feature in new cars. According to the calculations of the European Commission, by 2038, new security requirements for vehicles will save more than 25,000 lives and will help prevent at least 140,000 severe injuries.

Safety experts found that during the movement at a speed of 50 km / h, the car overcomes 42 meters of the path completely unattended if the driver only falls on or distracting the smartphone screen. As international studies show, almost every accident on the road is associated with drowsiness or driver distraction. Avoiding such situations will allow the camera built into the steering wheel. Getting a picture from the camera, artificial intelligence will determine when the driver falls asleep, distracting from the road or turns his head to the side and will advise to stop and relax, and in the absence of a reaction from the driver, it will reduce the speed. For learning the system, such as the understanding of the condition of driving driver, Bosch specialists used records of real situations.

In addition to the driver, the Bosch system monitors and passengers in the front and rear rows. To do this, in the cabin, above the mirror of the rear view or under it, the camera is installed, which controls the entire salon. For example, notifies the driver about casually fastened safety belts. The system is also able to adjust the position of airbags and the seat belt tensioner depending on the position of the passenger’s body. The system also prevents the passenger airbag triggered if a children’s chair is installed on the seat.

Another task of the system is the salvation of children left by their parents in parked cars. In 2018, more than 50 children of the forgotten parents were gone in the United States or imperceptibly fulfilled in cars. In case of danger detection, the Bosch system will warn parents by sending a message to a smartphone.

In addition, the Bosch system will take care of the convenience of driving: adjusts the rear view mirror, the seat position, the height of the steering wheel and will configure the infotainment system depending on who took the driver’s seat. The camera also allows you to control the «multimedia» using gestures and eyes.

An officially new security system Bosch will present on January 6, 2020 in Las Vegas.