Autopilot never replace a person


There was a time when Apple Inc. co-founder, technical genius Steve Wozniak believed that completely autonomous vehicles are quite possible. He believed that the time would come when robotic cars would be able to analyze and respond to a road situation as people. Wozniak hoped that Apple would become a company that would make completely autonomous cars reality.

The present came, and Steve Wozniak is no longer as optimistic about autonomous cars of the 5th level.

«I retreated back from the idea of the fifth level. I really surrendered, «the autumnws is quoted at the JD Power Auto Revolution conference in Las Vegas last month. «I don’t even know if it will happen in my life.»

According to Apple co-founder, autonomous vehicles will only work if we change the road and create certain areas that will be properly applied to the card and is kept clean from garbage, where nothing unusual will not happen, and road works will not be held. » These requirements are almost impossible to satisfy at the same time, at least when it comes to the entire road network of the country.

Wozniak also believes that consumer expectations regarding completely autonomous vehicles do not correspond to reality.

«We introduced the public in error, believing that this car would look like a human brain, which will truly understand new things and can say:» That’s what I have not seen before, but I know what is happening here, and now How I should cope with it, «said Steve Wozniak. — And man can so. «