About poor lifan-e silenced word


The situation around the Chinese brand of cars Lifan again becomes rumored about the care of the brand.

A few days ago, the car section of the Mail.Ru portal told an interesting story about the fate of this Chinese brand. Here is a summary of what Internet portal wrote. Restarting Lifan on the Russian market is somewhat strange. It turns out that the Chinese plants of this brand have already been stopped by …

The general place has become that the Chinese do not go to Chinese cars! In sales leaders Foreign models, and Lifan is no exception. Of course, cars of national Chinese brands become better, modern and safer, but such evolution is instantly reflected in cost. And instead of buying a Chinese brand car, the average Chinese chooses Volkswagen, Honda or Chevrolet. So explained the situation in the Chinese market.

But the thing is that under the term phrase «Chinese brands» are hiding completely different brands. The average Russians are unlikely to call such difficult names as Jiangann, Linktour, Zhidou or Hanteng? But Lifan’s well-known compatriots are from the same deck of brands that the Chinese themselves do not buy. Last year, Chinese motorists acquired only 58 thousand cars of Lifan brand. According to the standards of a 28 million internal car market, the resulting result, frankly, is very and quite modest, if not to say something breaking. What will be more objectively.

Journalists of the publication as a whole very naughtyly appreciated the fate of this brand. Judge for yourself. «It was Lifan who was the first victim of a broken crisis. In any case, the company’s factories are stopped as a few months — the release of cars will get out and, apparently, will never resume, «says the portal.

This information Mail.Ru, in turn, told Chinese journalists, and then confirmed now former Lifan employees. But when to evaluate the renovation of this brand announced recently on the Russian market? The automotive audience was openly announced: at least sales of the X70 Parketnik will resume. Everything is simple. It turns out that several thousand cars are collected in Chongqing! All of them are in different degrees of readiness, but the most complete completion is completed to send to export. Including in Russia.

In China, the sale of Lifan cars are cooled. This confirms statistics. From the reports of the Chinese Association of Automobiles (CAAM) in September of the current year, the owners found 123 «Lifan», and in October only 6 … to understand the situation: in China, the car dealers call the first months of the autumn «gold» and «silver», because customers are traditionally Come on after summer holidays, and at the same time they look after and buy new cars.

The car portal will eventually summarize. And even the active export of cars to where people need an inexpensive technique, did not help. The result is natural: only the strongest will survive in the Chinese automotive industry. And the fall of «Lifan» is just the beginning. To clarify the situation with journalists were sent letters.

But the answer came immediately, however, not a letter, but to publish a popular Internet resource. And not somewhere published, but in the most important Russian newspaper.

The Russian office Lifan commented on the unpleasant situation around the brand. Allegedly threatens bankruptcy and, in fact, the disappearance with the car market. Meanwhile, in the Moscow office of Lifan, information about the financial position of the company called inaccurate.

  • Lifan Industry Group continues the development and production of cars. The government [Chongqina] intends to additionally support the company, as stated by Mr. Jin, a member of the party committee of the Banking and Insurance Business Regulatory Bureau, and Mr. Sui Jun, Vice President Bank of Chongqing. According to Jin, the lenders agree that Lifan is an enterprise that needs and can help. In turn, Bank of Chongqing has developed a plan for stabilizing the situation, and the company has begun to implement it.

Representatives of the brand stressed that Lifan did not sell one of the factories, but passed the plot under it in favor of the state, and also implemented part of real estate. These operations brought over 10 billion yuan (about 100 billion rubles), which are planned to be sent to the strengthening of the car production segment.

At the same time, the company recognized that the main areas of business for Lifan Industry are the production of engines, motorcycle and power equipment. They bring main income. So, in 2018, the sale of motorcycles brought more than 180 million yuan gross profits. But «Despite the stopping of one of the plants for the production of cars, due to the transfer of the land plot in favor of the state, the company is ready to continue production in other production sites.»

Exporting machines in Lifan Industry is called traditional priority. Indeed, the company has developed a global production and sales network for many years. Part of the enterprises also experiences problems. But there are positive news. In Uruguay, cars are renewed — together with Brilliance.

At the same time, Russia remains a priority market for Lifan Industry, and brand awareness, brand confidence among buyers, a wide dealer network and quality of service is a foundation that will allow the company to return their positions. Confident in the Russian office Lifan.

Once again it is promised that the sales of the Lifan X70 crossover will be resumed in Russia. Now the deck is the end of December. Later, the restart will happen to the MYWAY model. To import 7-seater crossovers from China, it is also planned to receive the OTTS. Support for official brand dealers continues in full within compensation and bonus programs, — emphasized in the Moscow office of Lifan.

This precedent happened literally for the past week. Of course, every motorist himself will decide to communicate whether to communicate with the Chinese brand or to draw a look at other car brands. It’s like a roulette. Either you will get to use a reliable and inexpensive car, but at the same time you will not hang a medal for decent behavior and help during the crisis of the Chinese automaker.